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  1. COVID-19’s Impact ResearchSubject: Healthcare Research Study level: College Words: 1932

    The measures that Egypt has taken to address the issue of COVID-19’s impact on female members of the informal sector.

  2. Nursing Education During the COVID-19 PandemicSubject: Nursing Study level: College Words: 616

    Being highly contagious and deadly, the coronavirus disease 2019 has led to extreme economic disruptions and caused many changes in the day-to-day life of numerous institutions.

  3. The End-Of-Life Care for Covid-19 PatientsSubject: Nursing Study level: Bachelor Words: 614

    COVID-19 patients fear dying alone in hospitals and feel the desire to talk to others. Therefore, end-of-life care for such patients should target the patient and their families.

  4. Physical Exercise During the COVID-19 PandemicSubject: Physiology Study level: College Words: 283

    People should strive to be active while also adhering to the World Health Organization’s guidelines on the COVID-19.

  5. Anxiety Levels of Nursing Students Toward ProfessionSubject: Nursing Study level: College Words: 330

    This paper examines the relationship between the COVID-19 pandemic and nursing students' anxiety concerning their willingness to become practitioners.

  6. Post-Pandemic Projections for Healthcare PracticesSubject: Healthcare Research Study level: School Words: 295

    COVID-19 has made it possible to adopt new normal behaviors such as handwashing and social distance in the public and mandatory mask wearing by optometrists and other clinicians.

  7. The Effect of COVID-19 on AdolescenceSubject: Healthcare Research Study level: College Words: 828

    The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on humans since the first case was reported in late 2019, changing the way humans, as social beings, operate.

  8. Nursing Evolution ProcessesSubject: Nursing Study level: Bachelor Words: 406

    COVID-19 occurrence led to the evolution of nursing. RNs performed different functions to mitigate the virus, including providing support, education, screening, and care to the public.

  9. COVID-19 Pandemic and Psychological Effects Leading to Nursing ShortageSubject: Nursing Study level: Bachelor Words: 676

    The current study aims to examine the problem of excessive nurse turnover rates in the current environment, exploring the primary psychological effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  10. Can the Detection Dog Alert on COVID-19 Positive Persons?Subject: Healthcare Research Study level: College Words: 300

    The current critique focuses on the article “Can the Detection Dog Alert on COVID-19 Positive Persons by Sniffing Axillary Sweat Samples? A Proof-of-Concept Study”.

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  1. Nurse Understaffing During COVID-19 Pandemic Subject: Nursing Study Level: College Words: 641

    The world lacks nearly 6 million nurses to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The WHO has published a report on an acute shortage of medical personnel around the world.

  2. Nike: Supply Chain Management Issues Caused by the COVID-19 Spread Subject: Business Study Level: Bachelor Words: 2455

    The research aims to examine Nike's supply chain management to identify issues related to transportation and distribution.

  3. Effects of Covid-19 on Nigeria Subject: Health & Medicine Words: 1375

    In Nigeria, the pandemic has put a big strain on the population and has left many poor people with no financial support.

  4. Literature Review on Online Learning Challenges From COVID-19 Subject: Learning Theories Words: 277

    Challenges, which workers in the field of education faced in emergency online teaching during the pandemic, can be transformed into opportunities to be used in online learning.

  5. The Economics of New Technologies and Development: COVID-19 & the Office Structures Subject: Management Study Level: Undergraduate Words: 3605

    Due to the emerging workplace challenges of COVID-19, this study aims to identify the changes taking place in the workplace structure and the resulting productivity of workers.

  6. Apple Company’s Organizational Behavior Management During the COVID-19 Crisis Subject: Business Words: 3405

    Organizational behavior management is especially important during a crisis such as COVID-19, and this paper will examine how Apple addresses this and other challenges.

  7. Federalism and COVID-19 Response in the United States Subject: Public Policy Words: 2263

    The novel coronavirusnpandemic has provoked unprecedented attention to federalism in the United States and other federal-based systems, such as Mexico, India, and Germany.

  8. Prioritization of the Covid-19 Vaccination Subject: Healthcare Research Study Level: Undergraduate Words: 883

    The paper discusses that protecting the health and social care workers protects all the individuals in the hospitals and the society and the importance of COVID-19 vaccination.

  9. COVID-19: Transmission, Protection and Infection Control Subject: Health & Medicine Words: 1961

    Coronavirus disease – 2019 (COVID-19) is a highly infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-Cov-2).

  10. Parasitic Wedge and COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease) Subject: Immunology Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1397

    Past scholars have presented powerful arguments to explain how species evolve by developing new qualities and values as a way of increasing immunity.

  11. COVID-19 Pandemic and College Students’ Mental Health Subject: Psychology Ethics Words: 305

    The current paper discusses that much higher education students have experienced increased anxiety or stress due to the pandemic.

  12. The COVID-19’s Impact on the Starbucks Subject: Business Words: 3119

    The COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on Starbucks, but the company has quickly adapted due to the flexibility and adaptability of its business model and supply chain.

  13. Employee Engagement & Challenges of Covid-19 Period Subject: Education System Words: 2576

    This report analyses the basic employee engagement concept to solve multiple challenges raised by The University of Staffordshire staff during the challenging COVID-19 period.

  14. COVID-19: Strategic Service Vision Subject: Strategic Management Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1809

    The pandemic provokes an unprecedented situation around the globe, and it is important to follow a strategic vision and success in service provision.

  15. The COVID-19 Lockdown Experiences of People with Mental Health Issues Subject: Medicine Words: 2301

    The current study focuses on investigating the experiences of people with mental health issues during the COVID-19 Lockdown.

  16. Gibb’s Reflective Cycle: COVID-19 Scenario Subject: Personal Experiences Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1851

    This presentation is a critical reflection on a COVID-19 incident that I have experienced during my nursing practice using Gibbs’ reflective cycle.

  17. Labour Market in the U.K. During COVID-19 Pandemic Subject: Economic Problems Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1811

    The COVID-19 outbreak had a significant impact on the UK’s economy in general and on the graduate labor market in particular.

  18. The Impact of COVID-19 on Small Business Subject: Economics Words: 1124

    From a business point of view, the main consequence of the coronavirus pandemic is that there has been a sharp drop in purchasing activity.

  19. COVID-19 and Four Seasons SPA Business Model Change Subject: Management Words: 859

    Post-Covid Four Seasons SPA can benefit from expanding its online presence, thus opening the company to a larger audience.

  20. Teleworking During COVID-19 Subject: Healthcare Research Study Level: College Words: 641

    Organizations have been recognized as key players in any given outbreak management. It is justified by their role in minimizing the health effects of outbreaks such as COVID-19.

  21. Remote Classes Due to COVID-19: How This Affects International Students in the United States Subject: Education Words: 1661

    The recorded COVID-19 incident has compelled institutions of higher learning in the United States to offer remote classes to their students.

  22. Business Issues and Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic Subject: Business Issues Words: 2864

    This research paper aims at analyzing the issues and challenges business owners are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  23. Human Life Before and After COVID-19 Pandemics Subject: Public Health Study Level: College Words: 1437

    Post COVID-19 is a hypothetical period or era that is expected after human beings succeed in treating and getting rid of this disease.

  24. Singapore Airlines’ Strategic Plan During the COVID-19 Pandemic Subject: Business Words: 2582

    Due to the volatility brought by the pandemic, it is highly important for Singapore Airlines to engage in a promotional marketing strategy to offer customers the best deals.

  25. Mental Health in 12-18 Years Old During the COVID-19 Pandemic Subject: Family Psychology Words: 206

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important that people stay at home. Many adolescents between the age of 12-18 get bored at home during lockdowns.

  26. COVID-19: Contemporary Management Issues Subject: Management Words: 2021

    Continuous and rapid changes in the world associated with COVID-19 increase the importance of management in every organization for operational interaction with the business.

  27. SNAP Benefits Prevent Hunger During the COVID-19 Pandemic Subject: Healthy Nutrition Words: 834

    This paper aims to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the program implementation and consider how it can help people to improve their nutrition.

  28. COVID-19 Patients, Self-Medication, and Nursing Students’ Socialization Subject: Healthcare Research Words: 875

    This paper summarizes the articles about the psychological experience of caregivers of COVID-19 patients, factors that affect self-medication, and nursing students' socialization.

  29. The COVID-19 Pandemic and University Tuitions Subject: Education System Words: 846

    The COVID-19 pandemic caused universities to transition to online learning out of safety concerns, yet such measures had to be accompanied by a reduction in tuition fees.

  30. Ethical Controversies During COVID-19 Pandemic Regulations Subject: Business Words: 1386

    The paper discusses the ethical controversies involving USAA and Shake Shack from moral and economic points of view.

  31. Importance of Intrapreneurship and Potential Covid-19 Challenges Subject: Management Words: 2493

    The adoption of creative marketing strategies and new products can assist and Expedia to attract new consumers and retain the existing client base.

  32. Pressure Ulcers Nursing Intervention During Covid-19 Subject: Medicine Words: 281

    This paper discusses nursing intervention (the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers) and the difficulty faced by many adult care centers today associated with the pandemic.

  33. The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on People’s Lives Subject: Public Health Study Level: College Words: 371

    The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost all areas of life from whole finance to a mental state. The purpose of this paper is to outline the impacts this disease has had on people.

  34. MRNA COVID-19 Vaccines: Advantages and Disadvantages Subject: Health & Medicine Words: 367

    The paper provides a summary of the primary advantages and disadvantages of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines such as Phizer and Moderna.