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  1. Home Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor: How to Use Subject: Cardiology Study Level: College Words: 574

    Nowadays, many people suffer from hypertension and the inabilities to control the changes in their blood pressure. People have headaches and do not know the reasons for such pain.

  2. Medicare and Home Health Care Services Subject: Healthcare Research Study Level: Bachelor Words: 348

    Home health care constitutes a variety of social and health services that are offered to patients in the comfort of their homes. Medicare covers some of these services.

  3. Should a Woman Work Outside the Home? Analysis Subject: Sociology Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1436

    The article discusses the role and impact of working women on society and its culture. The author vividly portrays positive and negative consequences of work outside home and their impact on culture and values.

  4. How Sustainable Is Home Ownership in England in the Present Economic Recession Subject: Economics Study Level: Undergraduate Words: 2518

    The paper states that the sustainability of homeownership in the UK has negatively been affected by the 2007 economic recession, for example, the house prices increased.

  5. Home Office Networking With Wi-Fi Subject: Tech & Engineering Study Level: Bachelor Words: 5729

    This study was carried out to explore WI-FI-networking in small home offices to investigate the benefits and problems associated with WI-FI networks.

  6. Home Depot Foundation and Atlanta Government Subject: Politics & Government Study Level: Master Words: 2529

    The Home Depot Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to resolve the housing issue for US military veterans and their families.

  7. Recruitment and Hiring Strategy for In-Home Childcare Subject: Employee Management Study Level: College Words: 1763

    The present staffing plan aims to outline a blueprint for selecting and hiring quality daycare professionals who can foster a decent reputation for the organization.

  8. Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visits Subject: Family Planning Study Level: College Words: 627

    Home visiting programs have been created to fight child abuse and neglect and help inexperienced parents to develop the necessary child-rearing skills.

  9. What Is ‘Home’: Personal Idea and Scholar’s Approaches to the Definition of ‘Home' Subject: Sociology Study Level: College Words: 1112

    In this paper, a summary of scholar's approaches to defining ‘home' will be presented in order to come to a conclusion regarding a personal idea of how the concept should be viewed.

  10. Home Birth: Case Analysis and Crucial Points Subject: Health & Medicine Study Level: Master Words: 976

    The patient, Joanne Jones, is a 32 y/o G4P2012. She has no significant past medical or surgical history.

  11. Exercising at Home vs Exercising at the Gym Subject: Sports Study Level: College Words: 579

    While exercising at the gym boosts morale, exercising at home is more beneficial as it is convenient, saves time, and eliminates anxiety

  12. “Home Visiting in the Internship”: Main Findings of the Article Subject: Sociology Study Level: Master Words: 310

    Home visiting in the internship explains social workers tend to intervene on behalf of families, and individuals to the challenges faced by the disadvantaged in society.

  13. Home School Versus Public School Subject: Education Study Level: College Words: 1138

    This paper explores the main similarities and differences between home schools and public schools.

  14. Writing Instructions: How to Make a Lip Balm at Home Subject: Sociology Study Level: Bachelor Words: 674

    A lip balm made at home is a credible alternative to the one bought in a store. The process is also entertaining and undemanding.

  15. Choosing an Appropriate Computer System for the Home Use Subject: Tech & Engineering Study Level: Bachelor Words: 3231

    The report introduced the topic of personal computers. It looked at the history of how personal computers have evolved to become one of the most adopted gargets in businesses.

  16. Many Students Choose to Living Away From Home When They Go to University, Is It a Good Thing for Them or Not? Subject: Education Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1063

    This essay seeks to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of living away from home while attending university.

  17. Home vs. Public School Education Subject: Education Study Level: College Words: 1086

    It is a great need and an integral right of every human being to get an education and use it for the building of his or her own career and further life.

  18. Home Automation: Are We Ready? Subject: Tech & Engineering Study Level: Bachelor Words: 2823

    There are a number of helpful magazines consisting of specific descriptions on various attributes of home automation systems, some of which will be used in the Literature Review.

  19. Healthy Eating Habits Start at Home Subject: Health Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1705

    By using a social campaign that encourages parents to encourage healthy eating habits among their children, this campaign aims to fight and reduce childhood obesity in the UK.

  20. Home Networking Problems and Mistakes to Avoid Subject: Tech & Engineering Study Level: Master Words: 7648

    This paper will attempt to identify the various problems associated with home networks. It will also investigate the extent to which home network users can tackle such problems.

  21. Home Gardening Veggies Business Plan Subject: Business Study Level: College Words: 8184

    Veggies Home Gardening Business is the business name that will guide the development of a plan intended for establishing a home garden investment.

  22. Manitoba First Nations’ Home and Community Care Program Subject: Politics & Government Study Level: Master Words: 1952

    The First Nations and Inuit Home and Community Care (FNIHCC) Program was approved by the Federal government in 1999 to provide basic home and community care services

  23. Responsibility in the Work Environment and at Home Subject: Psychology Study Level: College Words: 569

    Responsibility may and surely does emerge in several diversified profiles and forms. Effective and first rate responsible individual do not adhere to a conventional template.

  24. Home Health Care in the United States Subject: Healthcare Research Study Level: Bachelor Words: 585

    Home health care services are intended for treating those unable to be hospitalized. The range of services provided by home health care agencies is broad, and the service standards are high.

  25. Problems with Home Networks Subject: Sciences, Tech & Engineering Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1664

    The advantages associated with the use of infrastructure mode Wi-Fi home networking include increased network security.

  26. Access Controls for Employees Working at Home Subject: Sciences, Tech & Engineering Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1113

    This paper will provide valid points demonstrating why companies need access controls to protect valuable data and data accessible by employees working from home.

  27. Home Automated System: Pet Feeding Subject: Tech & Engineering Study Level: Bachelor Words: 2151

    The objective of this project is to design a system such that the owner of the home can call his home using a modulator-demodulator (modem) to control the feeding of the pet.

  28. On-Reserve Home Loan Program for Okanagan People Subject: Economics Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1868

    This paper aims to provide the small TD branch in British Columbia and the Okanagan (Syilx) people with valuable information regarding the on-reserve home loan program.

  29. Home Automation System Start Up Subject: Business Analysis Case Study Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1910

    This research is aimed at starting up a company in the market of a household technology company that deals with high-tech installations aimed at improving home security.

  30. Home-Based Monitoring Congestive Heart Failure Impact Subject: Healthcare Research Study Level: College Words: 559

    In order to examine the issue of how home-based monitoring congestive heart failure influences, it is important to dwell upon the existing qualitative data.

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  1. Employer’s Liabilities For Home-Based Employees Subject: Human Resource Management Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1698

    In this work, the responsibilities of employers before their home-based employees will be discussed, including explanations of the importance and possible future development.

  2. Marketing Plan for Home Appliance Repair in Australia Subject: Marketing Planning Study Level: Bachelor Words: 2401

    In Australia, the scale of operations in-home repair industry is very small. There is approximately one retail store for every fourteen households in the country.

  3. Home Schooling and Public Schooling Comparison Subject: Education Study Level: College Words: 1560

    Home schooling may also refer to the education provided to children at their corresponding homes under the supervision of other umbrella schools.

  4. Considering the Costs and Benefits of Purchasing a Home Subject: Economics Study Level: College Words: 547

    Overcoming the posed obstacles, purchasing a home can be more beneficial than renting, especially considering cost, comfort, and buyer confidence.

  5. Home-Based Training Intervention in Heart Failure Subject: Health Study Level: Bachelor Words: 825

    The research study presented in this article sought to determine the effect of Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) on patients who suffer from Heart Failure (HF).

  6. Compliance and Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Subject: Health & Medicine Study Level: Bachelor Words: 2578

    This paper examines the impact of daily home blood pressure monitoring on compliance with medication regimens for hypertension in adults diagnosed with hypertension.

  7. Infinite Home Health Service Subject: Health & Medicine Study Level: Bachelor Words: 4222

    The analysis of the healthcare industry in the United States will be developed relying on the recent achievements of Infinite Home Health, one of the healthcare services.

  8. Creative Freelancer: Organizing Workplace at Home Subject: Family, Life & Experiences Study Level: College Words: 900

    Working in your own space, you have more freedom to decorate your workplace in a way you weren't allowed to do at the office.

  9. Prevention of Medication Errors in Diabetic Patients in Home Health Services Subject: Administration & Regulation Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1418

    The paper seeks to point out how medical errors can be prevented in-home care and hence lead to improved health outcomes in-home care for diabetic patients.

  10. New Home for an Immigrant Family Subject: Sociology Study Level: College Words: 613

    When we refer to the immigration story, it is not about the statistics. It is about people, their experiences, and the challenges they have to overcome.

  11. Etiquette in Traveling at Home and Abroad Subject: Culture Study Level: Bachelor Words: 582

    The paper summarizes chapter 37 Traveling at Home and Abroad in Emily Post’s book “Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics and at Home”.

  12. Home and Neighborhood Description Significance in Araby and Among Plants and Animals Subject: Culture Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1214

    Home is a central concept in the life of each person. This essay aims to analyze and compare such descriptions in Araby and Among Plants and Animals.

  13. Out of Home Care in Australia: Child Care Services Subject: Psychology Study Level: Master Words: 2982

    The main purpose of Out of Home Care is to provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for children under the age of 18 who cannot live at home due to safety reasons.

  14. “Do Not Take Work Stress Home With You” by Coleman Subject: Management Study Level: Undergraduate Words: 484

    The noun stress denotes a great worry caused by a problematic situation or something that leads to this condition; it is a central concept of the topic.

  15. What Does the Real Life of the Stay-At-Home Dad Look Like? Subject: Literature Study Level: School Words: 393

    The essay “The World of the Stay-at-Home Dad” by Andrew Olscher is devoted to challenges fathers face when they take paternity leave.

  16. Effective Working From Home and Virtual Meetings Subject: Human Resource Management Study Level: College Words: 1203

    Individuals who are productive when working independently are characterized as individuals who know what the organization requires from them.

  17. Home Monitoring Technology Analysis Subject: Health IT Study Level: College Words: 1130

    One the most recent approaches stand for the home monitoring technology that is patients will be able to perform some analysis without any doctor’s physical presence.

  18. Restoring Hope Counselling Home for Youth Subject: Psychology Ethics Study Level: Master Words: 970

    Restoring Hope Counselling Home is offering free counseling to young people who are struggling with suicidal thoughts. It ensures that they find hope in life.

  19. Bandura’s Social Learning Theory at Home and Work Subject: Learning Theories Study Level: Bachelor Words: 559

    This paper will examine the application of Bandura's Social Learning Theory (SLT) at home, school, and the workplace.

  20. Stay-Home Moms and Full-Time Working Mothers: Indicators of Happiness Subject: Family, Life & Experiences Study Level: Undergraduate Words: 7847

    This research is conducted to determine whether working moms or stay home moms are happier. There is no exact reply to this query

  21. Charity Begins at Home: Non-Profit Management Subject: Entrepreneurship Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1920

    The role of non-profit organizations is to provide services less attractive to business establishments and state agencies.

  22. Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure Home Testing Subject: Health Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1386

    With some little guidance from the doctors and the equipment manufacturers, the patients with blood sugar and blood pressure problems can do the tests on their own.

  23. Home Shcooling and Its Effect on Social Skills Subject: Special Education Study Level: Undergraduate Words: 1695

    Considering the growing popularity of home-based education, the decision to home school children remains a difficult encounter for most parents.

  24. Home Environment and Obesity in Preschool Children Subject: Sociology Study Level: Bachelor Words: 559

    Østbye et al. affirm that though obesity in children has an intricate etiology, the home setting controls the weight of children through shaping their physical exercise.

  25. Problems Related to Defining and Regulating Crimes in the Home Subject: Law Study Level: Bachelor Words: 670

    Based on the above definitions of home, victims of domestic violence view the vice as an accepted norm, and do not seek legal help from the authorities once victimized.

  26. Children Exposure to Violence at Home Subject: Sociology Study Level: College Words: 559

    Child abuse and exposure to domestic violence is a widespread global problem with severe implications on children’s development.

  27. Psychological Issues of Growing Up in an Abusive Home Subject: Psychology of Abuse Study Level: College Words: 398

    People who experience childhood trauma have three dominant paths in adulthood after growing up in an abusive environment.

  28. Home Patient Monitoring Technologies Subject: Health Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1539

    Home patient monitoring technologies are put in place to fight the rising chronic disease cases and monitor the older patient population's safety.

  29. The Animals Act 1971: Keeping Wild Animals at Home Subject: Law Study Level: College Words: 1007

    This essay aims to analyze the Animals Act 1971, observing it from the different sides through the case study of Phillipa and Victor.

  30. Effects of Economy to Home Building Industry Subject: Economics Study Level: College Words: 2435

    According to one famous psychologist, Maslow, humans have needs that should be satisfied in order to achieve contentment.

  31. Benefits of Home School Analysis Subject: Problems of Education Study Level: College Words: 676

    Homeschooling is a positive trend in the modern educational system. It will become more popular, so educational institutions need to take measures to adapt to this system.

  32. Fall Prevention Program in Home Healthcare Subject: Geriatrics Study Level: School Words: 1176

    Fall prevention programs can help decrease the number and frequency of falls. The most promising are targeted strategies aimed at changing behaviors and modifying risk factors.

  33. Impact of Home Entertainment Products on Society Subject: Tech & Engineering Study Level: College Words: 676

    The impact of science in entertainment in the country has been increased where the changes that are experienced in such entertainment are not right to the country.

  34. How Technology Has Changed the Home Improvement Industry Subject: Design Study Level: College Words: 316

    There are three main fields where technologies have brought changes in the home improvement industry: home construction facilitating, safety, and comfortability.

  35. Home Health Care for Patients Subject: Pulmonology Study Level: Master Words: 2988

    Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) may benefit from home health care as it is a progressive disease with specific exacerbations that cannot be predicted.

  36. Parent, Home, and School Influences Subject: Benefits of Education Study Level: Master Words: 834

    To promote the successful development of intellectual abilities, it is essential to develop and maintain strong partnerships between schools and children’s families.

  37. Do Stay at Home Mothers Exhibit More Indicators of Happiness Than Full-Time Working Mothers Subject: Family, Life & Experiences Study Level: Undergraduate Words: 834

    The paper provides an investigation of whether stay-at-home mothers exhibit more indicators of happiness than full-time working mothers.