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The terms “organic food,” “biologic food,” and “ecological food” refer to foods and beverages created using practices that adhere to the norms of organic farming. Although standards differ from country to country, the agricultural system includes techniques that recycle resources, support ecological balance, and protect biodiversity.

Thus, certain pesticides and fertilizers are prohibited in farming practices since they are not considered ecological. For example, irradiation, commercial solvents, or artificial food additives are not used to produce organic goods. Organizations that use organic farming employ substances of organic origin only. You can learn more about the subject by studying our free essay examples.

Organic Food

The Trend of Organic Food in Hong Kong

Do you purchase or consume organic food? If yes, how did you first adopted a green organic lifestyle? I have been purchasing organic food since it became widely introduced to the market. I’ve had two friends who are avid supporters of the healthy lifestyle. One of them is also an...