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A balanced diet enhances or maintains an individual’s overall health. When consuming healthy foods, your body receives all the nutrients it needs, including proper amounts of hydration, macronutrients like protein, micronutrients like vitamins, and fiber.

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and little to no processed food typically constitute a balanced diet. A combination of plant-based and animal-based meals can usually satisfy dietary needs. That’s why vegans must obtain their vitamin B12 from sources other than plants (like supplements).

Medical and governmental institutions produce a variety of nutritional guides to inform people about what they should eat to maintain their health. You can check them out as well as our free essay examples.

Healthy Food

Illnesses and Ailments Caused by Lack of Food Safety

Across the world, people wage regular battles against food contamination, food-borne disease, and food wastage. Despite the considerable advancements in food preservation techniques, food safety is still a matter of concern in the 21st century. Health experts assert that diseases caused by contaminated food are among the major health problems....

Healthy Food

Nutrition: Cutting Board and Contamination

Abstract It is understood that food is necessary for keeping alive but there are certain hazards associated with the way food is prepared. Several hazards and food borne diseases are associated with the food preparation practices. Cutting board is a significant tool used during food preparation and the intensity of...

Healthy Food

Aseptic Packaging Lines in the Food and Drink Industry Analysis

Packaging is one of the most crucial aspects of the food and drink industry. Food and drink should be packed in the most hygienic and safe techniques. Aseptic packaging lines play significant roles in ensuring that food and drink are packaged in technologies that inhibit the growth and spread of...

Healthy Food

A Life Cycle Assessment of Coconut-Based Cooking Oils

The Product Category Background This LCA investigates the general class of edible vegetable oils and, in particular, coconut/palm oils. Vegetable oils had gained in popularity in the latter part of the 20th century owing to dietary concerns about the high saturated fat content of animal fats like butter and that...

Healthy Food

Obesity and the Fast-Food Industry Growth in the U.S.

Today, numerous members of the global community are in a rush and often do not have enough time to enjoy a homemade meal. Besides, not everyone can afford a high-quality pricy meal at a restaurant while being on the move. Fast food venues offer a quick and affordable way of...

Healthy Food

Why Should People Not Eat Fast Food?

Introduction Food is an important aspect of attaining good health because it provides nutrients to nourish the body. Types of foods include carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Consumption of these food types in proper amounts promotes health and improves overall well-being. Despite the numerous benefits of proper nutrition, many people prefer...

Healthy Food

What Is My Favorite Candy and Why?

Out of all the small treats, one can offer to others or buy for oneself, candies have always been the most popular ones. Chocolate, fruit, or jelly, sweet or sour, soft or hard – there are so many types of this product that a lifetime is not enough to try...

Healthy Food

Louise Fresco’s Review of Bread Production and Consumption

Louise Fresco (2009) presented her views on the challenges related to food production that can jeopardise the development of human societies. The TED speaker made several important points associated with the production of food, farmers’ perspectives and concerns, and the role food (and bread, in particular) plays in people’s life....

Healthy Food

The Migration of Animals and Transmission of Parasites

Eric Morgan (2018) aims at developing a framework to predict the flow of parasites from wild animals to domestic species in Kazakhstan and Botswana. The researcher examines the way parasites adapt to the changeable environment, as well as the migration of wild animals that is often unpredictable. The limitations of...

Healthy Food

Bottled Versus Tap Water: Which Is Safer?

General Purpose: To inform and raise awareness Specific Purpose: I want to inform my audience about the common myth about tap water being more harmful than bottled water. Thesis: Although bottled water is traditionally preferred to tap water because of its supposedly improved quality and its effective promotion, tap water,...

Healthy Food

School Cafeteria’ Promotion of Unhealthy Diet

Introduction As a student at Pierce College, I have come to realize that the dietary practices that an individual adopts play a huge role in their physical and mental well being. Healthy eating is the biggest contributing factor to an individual’s well being and it is associated with an increased...