👵🏿 Essays on Geriatrics

Geriatrics is a branch of healthcare that deals with diagnosing and treating conditions that commonly affect older adults. It is an increasingly significant area in today’s world as individuals are living longer and longer. If you’re considering writing an academic paper about geriatrics, there are a few things you should bear in mind.

First of all, it’s crucial to understand the foundations of geriatrics. For example, which illnesses do geriatricians often treat? What are the causes of these conditions? How can they be prevented or treated? Then, find out what impact geriatrics has on public health. How does it improve the quality of life for older adults?

Finally, take some time to read through paper samples on geriatrics. It will give you a better idea of how to structure your work and what information to include. All these aspects will send you well on your way to writing a fantastic essay on geriatrics.


Sexuality Among the Aged: Specific Features

For a harmonious full-blooded existence, the complex nature of human beings requires a whole range of factors. Those may include good health conditions, proper living environment, adequate social status, satisfying work, and many other possible elements. Among those, the significance of such factor as satisfaction with one’s sexual functioning cannot...


Intergenerational Communities to Support Holistic Health

Introduction Interconnection of spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of life is inevitable. Holistic health views these aspects as a whole and is aimed at working out approaches to treatment, which would be equally important for each of the aspects. Intergenerational communities are able to contribute to the holistic health of...


Senior Citizen Management in Taiwan

Abstract Senior citizen management has become a major challenge to many countries in the world. In Taiwan the problem is even worse due to a rapid increase in the number of elderly citizens which are outstretching the currently available management services. With the worrying growing trend over the years there...


Ageism Among Physicians, Nurses and Social Workers

Introduction The elderly require timely and sustainable medical services since they encounter diverse health problems. Unfortunately, the majority of them face discrimination when seeking or trying to get the best medical support. This paper presents three parts that focus on the issue of ageism bias and how it affects the...


Exercise-Based Fall Prevention in the Elderly

Problem Statement It is worth noting that falls among senior adults are a common phenomenon. Most senior people who live at home fall at least once a year. Such a situation can be observed with those individuals who live in nursing homes as well. In the USA, falls are one...


Soft Robot as an Elderly Fall Prevention Instrument

Introduction Fall prevention is one of the major health concerns regarding the provision of geriatric care. Falls remain the major factor leading to injury in the elderly that can have diverse negative effects on patients’ wellbeing. Soft robotics is one of the solutions to address the problem and improve older...


Death Attitudes in Science and Culture

Introduction The issue of death has always remained a terminal and a defining matter for humanity. As such, it became a widely pondered topic of discussion which is reflected in both scientific fields and popular culture alike. As quoted in the Marvel movies, “We don’t get to choose our time”...


“The Oldest Old – Living Beyond 90” Video

This report deals with the video that goes under the title “The Oldest Old – Living Beyond 90” and can be viewed on YouTube. The video is concerned with the research exploring different aspects of aging with the focus on the prevention of certain health issues that are common at...


Geriatrics: Gaining Trust with Cultural Disparities

Introduction An absence of trust in healthcare providers is usually associated with insufficient adherence to treatment guidelines and, therefore, to poorer health outcomes. The issue is especially relevant for Americans over 65, who are most vulnerable to chronic diseases. The factors that contribute to the distrust is limitations in access...


Geriatric Suicide: Causes, Treatment, Recommendations

Overview The concern for an adult’s mental health in regards to suicide should begin at the age of sixty, as at this period the issue is the most prevalent. Additionally, Shaha, Bhatb, Zarate-Escuderoc, DeLeo, and Erlangsen (2016), conducted a study to determine suicide rates for adults aged from 60 to...