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Family Health Assessment and Promotion Strategy

The development of measures helping to protect family health is among the key priorities emphasized by healthcare providers all over the world. Assessments focused on factors impacting the health situation of the entire family are particularly important given that proper family care is a prerequisite to national well-being. Within the...


Nursing Experiences in Clinical Supervision Groups

Introduction As part of the Group Clinical Supervision 1 Module, this assignment requires nursing students to discuss the work in one of the clinical supervision groups, obtained practices, and outcomes. As one of the students who successfully undertook the group clinical supervision session, I am going to reflect on my...


Culture of Quality in Healthcare Organizations

The current situation shows that despite serious technological advancements, the quality of healthcare is considered to be poor in the United States. As Joshi, Ransom, Nash, and Ransom (2014) admit, the cost of care varies greatly across the country, making medical services inaccessible for particular social groups. To create a...

Administration and Regulation

Accountable Culture at the Hospital Workplace

Taking responsibility for occurrences related to one’s work performance is an essential part of professional life, as it indicates both honesty and integrity that stems from a desire to better one’s work ethic. In medicine, the accountability of healthcare specialists is an essential prerequisite to increasing the quality of provided...

Administration and Regulation

Inter-Hospital Transfer Safety Concerns

Introduction The modern health care sector faces multiple problems related to the provision of care to patients in appropriate ways and preservation of the high quality of their lives. The increased complexity of cases that are observed today along with the high level of requirements to outcomes demands the use...

Administration and Regulation

Healthcare Quality and Surgical Safety in the US

The quality of healthcare is a major concern around the globe. According to Ransom, Joshi, Nash, and Ransom (2014), the quality of US healthcare is not satisfactory enough since many scientific findings are not implemented into practice. Additionally, the differences in standards of methods and the occurrence of unnecessary or...

Administration and Regulation

Self-Medication for Childhood Dental Problems

The self-medication of minors can have negative consequences, and research on the topic indicates that particular groups of children are especially likely to be exposed to it. For example, Santos et al. focused on a sample of 1382 children from some poor areas of Brazil. Roughly half of them had...

Healthcare Research

Addressing Childhood Obesity: Literature Review

Introduction This quantitative quasi-experimental DPI project is aimed at examining the effect of education about physical activity received by parents on obesity levels observed in school-aged children residing in the Southeast region of the United States. Therefore, this chapter provides a review of the existing literature on a variety of...

Healthy Nutrition

Effective Immunization: Policy Brief

Executive Summary Immunization in the USA has been an effective measure to minimize the incidence of mumps, measles, hepatitis, diphtheria, and other dangerous infections that used to lead to epidemics associated with thousands of deaths. However, this progress is being threatened by the current shift in public opinion as the...


Ageism Among Physicians, Nurses and Social Workers

Introduction The elderly require timely and sustainable medical services since they encounter diverse health problems. Unfortunately, the majority of them face discrimination when seeking or trying to get the best medical support. This paper presents three parts that focus on the issue of ageism bias and how it affects the...


New Technologies and Information Literacy in Health Care

Section One: Resistance to New Technologies in Health Care Resistance to new technologies among patients, caregivers, and nurses is a burning topic in health care. During the last several decades, in the United States, many healthcare facilities succeed in transitioning from a paper record system to an electronic one. It...

Health IT

American Association of Critical-Care Nurses

Introduction Professional associations in nursing contribute considerably to the development of nursing practice, as well as the professional growth of nurses. Healthcare professionals share experiences and gain access to diverse resources that are instrumental in obtaining new skills and knowledge. They also build their resilience through their participation in different...


Technologies in Health Care: Electronic Health Record and Culture of Safety

Benefits of Implementing an Electronic Health Record An electronic health record (EHR) is one of the latest digital versions of how patient’s information is stored. A chart with records is available to hospital workers or other authorized users in real-time. The main reason for its implementation is to improve the...

Health IT

Information Systems as a Key to Innovative Healthcare

Considering that technological progress actively influences changes in processes in all professional spheres, this should separately emphasize the importance of introducing modern technologies in the healthcare field. It is necessary to note that the use of information systems play a crucial role in the successful work of nurses and healthcare...

Health IT

Advanced Information Management in Healthcare

Health Information Systems: Discussion and Analysis Advantages and Disadvantages of a System Health information systems (HISs) are tools designed for enhanced management of healthcare data. Processes incorporated in HISs include the collection of patients’ healthcare information, its storage, management, and dissemination. Thus, HISs involve electronic health records (EHRs) and healthcare...

Health IT

Digital Technology Safety in the Healthcare Industry

Introduction Information technology has become an integral part of the healthcare industry these days. Healthcare practitioners can access detailed information concerning patients’ health within seconds with the help of easy-to-use devices. This efficiency has a positive impact on patient outcomes as the medical staff can make evidence-based decisions quickly (Kruse,...

Health IT

Stem Cell Research: Opponents and Supporters

Introduction According to Mike Pence (n.d.), “adult stem cell research has produced some 67 medical miracles” over the last couple of years. The method is derived from the usage of cells retrieved from embryos that are in the capacity of forming one of the different types of tissues in the...

Medical Ethics

Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia as Ethical Issues

Introduction The debates regarding euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide continue to take different shapes or routes. There are professionals and stakeholders who support these practices while others condemn them. The nature of such arguments hold implications for the achievements and procedures medical practitioners require to provide critical care. This paper describes...

Medical Ethics

Occupational Therapy from the Christian Standpoint

Introduction Occupational therapy (OT) is a practice that implies the use of multiple assessment methods and interventions for developing, recovering, and maintaining meaningful activities for work among individuals, groups, and even communities. Those who required occupational therapy have usually undergone illness, injury, or have developed a disability that prevents them...

Medical Ethics

2020 National Patient Safety Goal #1 for Nurses

A Culture of Safety Patient safety is a crucial and fundamental element of quality nursing care. It denotes the nonexistence of avoidable harm to patients in the course of obtaining health care and prevention of risks of needless harm linked to medical attention to a tolerable minimum. Nevertheless, the health...

Administration and Regulation

Nursing Leadership and Organizational Analysis

Introduction Conflicts are an indispensable part of human communication, and they are specifically common in such hectic environments as the healthcare setting. Nursing practitioners are overwhelmed with tasks and responsibilities, which makes them emotional and reluctant to collaborate with others. Nurses have to address various types of conflicts in their...

Administration and Regulation

Human Resource Challenges in Healthcare

Abstract This article is devoted to the question of human resources management in the health services sphere. Development a business-processes, enterprises in the public health, the transition to insurance medicine puts before the leader of medical founding a problem of improvement of organizing culture and quality of management, the fullest...

Administration and Regulation

The Future of a Social Contract in Healthcare

The social contract between society and the healthcare industry is crucial for the overall health of the country population. Its features define not only particular processes of obtaining and providing medical treatment but determine relationships between patients and healthcare professionals. The level of trust and satisfaction of patients’ needs depends...

Public Health

Marijuana and Banning Edibles

Abstract Many states have enacted laws that allow the use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes, as well as the production of cannabis-infused edibles. The state of New Jersey is currently debating a bill that proposes to legalize marijuana and cannabis edibles. This is a public health issue because...

Healthcare Research