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End-of-Life Care in the Intensive Care Unit: Study by Brooks et al.

The article by Laura Anne Brooks, Elizabeth Manias, and Patricia Nicholson, published by the American Journal of Critical Care, is dedicated to one of the most crucial topics ICU nurses face daily. Decisions on continuing life-supporting care or withholding it, ethical issues, and perspectives and experiences of the medical staff...


Humanistic Nature of Nursing. Working with Patients

Nurses are viewed as health care providers that work closely with patients and ensure the prevention of diseases and the treatment of adverse health conditions. On top of all day-to-day tasks, the ultimate goal of nursing is to provide the best patient care. Different approaches to the concept of care...


Nursing Practice Change

The fields of nursing and health care undergo considerable changes and improvements all the time. Many areas could influence the progress of nursing practice and determine the quality of achievements. In this paper, the culture of safety, quality measures, and HCAHPS, as well as change strategies based on Lewin’s and...


The Joint Commission and the Accredited Health Care Facilities

The Joint Commission (JC) is a self-governing non-profit institution that oversees accreditation plans for healthcare institutions in the United States (US). The role is achieved by establishing performance standards that look into the fundamental features of operation like safety in medication, infection control, patient care, and the rights of consumers...


Personal Philosophy of Nursing

In multiple professional fields, specialists are expected to engage in constant communication and bear responsibility for all consequences of their actions for other individuals. The RN BSN program and new information about nursing delivered by professional instructors have encouraged me to take a critical look at my goals and philosophical...


Public Health Nurse in Maternal and Child Health

Introduction Perinatal nurses perform an essential function in treating both mothers and infants as their well-being requires continuous supervision. Statistics show that infant death currently is higher in the USA than in European countries, and it keeps increasing. Main body According to Chen, Oster and Williams (2016), the rate of...


Public Health and Community Health in Miami City

Public health and community health providers need to apply their competencies and monitor the existing health conditions in different regions. They need to collaborate with social workers and clinicians to support the wellbeing of more community members. The purpose of this paper is to give a detailed assessment of Miami...

Healthcare Research

Evaluation Design Biases and Sample Size

The internal validity of particular evaluation designs may be affected by certain biases such as history and maturation. The history effect is the influence of events occurring outside of the study or circumstances between repeated measurements of the dependent variable on the behavior and perception of participants of the experiment...

Healthcare Research

Ventilation and Apnea: Summary of the Articles on the Health

Benefits of Non-Invasive Ventilation Non-invasion ventilation has various benefits since it can improve the recovery of patients after surgeries and in immunocompromised states. First of all, hypoxemic acute respiratory failure, which is characterized by Pa02 / Fi02 less than 300ml, can cause hypocapnia because of increased accessory and, hence, the...

Healthcare Research

The Negro Health Problem: How do Different People Fight Different Diseases

For many centuries, humanity has been struggling with various epidemics, such as the plague, yellow fever, and others. During this time, people have developed many measures and tools that can reduce the risks of the disease and stop the spread of it. However, one of the main difficulties is that...

Healthcare Research

COVID-19’s Impact Research

Methodology The study will use a mixed qualitative and quantitative approach to produce the results. The qualitative aspect will consist of a literature review to determine the measures that Egypt has taken to address the issue of COVID-19’s impact on female members of the informal sector. For the quantitative part...

Healthcare Research

Critical Analysis of a Health Promotion Initiative

Introduction Excessive smoking of tobacco is a major issue of concern in high-income countries. This is because it has caused an increase in cases of tobacco-related diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and chronic respiratory diseases (Andrea, April, & Nina, 2018). The high rate of smoking is associated with disadvantaged...

Healthcare Research

Application of Statistics in Health Care

Statistics are a crucial part of the healthcare industry because gathering information is essential for qualified and safe healthcare. The data collected often helps in bettering the medical treatment of people with deteriorating health. Statistical data is commonly used as a tool of development; medical workers look at the information...

Healthcare Research

Assessing Omega-3 Status Using an Automated System and Its Application in Clinical Research

This study aims to validate assessment of Omega-3 index using automated system and its application in clinical trials. Assessing Omega-3 index level using the traditional method is cumbersome that leads to sample throughputs and is limited to 12 samples daily. Consequently, adopting the traditional method of assessing Omega-3 index to...

Healthcare Research

The Healing Effect of Yoga

Originated in India thousands of years ago, yoga may be regarded as one of the most prominent physical, mental, philosophical, and spiritual practices in the modern world. In the United States, more than 30 million adults have used yoga at least one in their lives (Cramer et al, p. 230)....

Healthcare Research

Bowel and Urinary Incontinence Prevention

The proposed objectives for this capstone change project are as follows: To increase the knowledge levels of nurses in regards to bowel and urinary incontinence prevention and care in ICU. Rationale Although the existing number of cases suggests that nurses are well-acquainted with the clinical problem, research shows a gross...

Healthcare Research

Sociological Film ‘Sicko’ Review

Finding the best way to provide quality healthcare to all populations stands urgent everywhere, as it is one of the most critical factors for the state’s life quality. Despite being the most qualified medical help among the world countries, the healthcare system in the US still has a lot of...

Healthcare Research

Childcare. Mother’s and Father Role in Childcare

The notion of motherhood is now crucial in terms of healthcare and raising children in a healthy environment. As a significant part of the healthcare system is dedicated to childcare, there are various scholars and writers who aim at explaining the difficulties of child raising in relatively plain ways. One...

Healthcare Research

ICARE Application in Medical Work

Summary In this paper, I will be discussing the peculiarities of iCARE in application to medical work. The use of collective effort and teamwork alongside particular care strategies can lead to better results and patient outcomes. The work setting that I will be discussing is my previous workplace. Working in...

Healthcare Research

Sustainability in Business: A Case of the Healthcare Industry

Executive Summary This report highlights contemporary issues, best practices and challenges associated with integrating the concept of sustainability in the healthcare industry. The document is divided into four main sections. The first one explains key sustainability issues in the healthcare industry and their impact on the adoption of the concept...

Healthcare Research

The Role of the Nurse Informaticist in Systems Development

The creation and promotion of a safe nursing environment contain several steps and obligations. Due to current changes and innovations, the nursing staff should be ready to implement changes, understand the work of all the necessary systems, and perform their roles. The healthcare system consists of multiple elements, and stakeholders...


Medical Office Management: Professional Collaboration

Introduction In the absence of a strategic professional collaboration in the health profession, numerous medical errors are bound to occur. With this in mind, it is imperative to encourage different departments in the health profession to embrace professional collaboration. Professional collaboration ensures an error-free health practice by creating an environment...

Healthcare Research

Leadership Roles in Promoting EBP

Establishing an environment in which evidence-based practice (EBP) is facilitated to a full extent is challenging for the majority of healthcare organizations. Leadership is seen as an indispensable resource for reaching the goal. However, there is limited knowledge available to show the specific roles and functions that different leadership levels...

Healthcare Research

Disparities in the Us Health Care System

Introduction Scientists define cultural competence as a determining factor in the provision of medical services to the public because society is multifaceted, and medical workers assist people with various social, economic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds. Moreover, the cultural competence of medical staff allows them to reach higher levels of patient...

Healthcare Research