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Dyslexia: Speaker Notes

Introduction This project aims at exploring the phenomenon of dyslexia. It is the disease that manifests itself in reading difficulties. Most of all, it is identified in children reached school-going age. The paramount goal of this project is to determine factors that promote dyslexia as well as the ways to...


Malaria and Global Determinants of Health

For the sake of discussion, it was chosen to focus on the infectious disease of malaria, which limits the quality of the global population’s life significantly. According to the World Health Organization (2018) statistics, the disease, which is transferred by parasites through bites, caused the deaths of 445,000 people in...


Clinical Education and Nursing Programs

Is clinical a time for teaching or for evaluation of students? Or for both? Clinical placement experience should be a time for both teaching and evaluating the students. Clinical placement experience is a chance for nursing students to utilize the skills and theories learned in the laboratory settings and in...


Television and Outdoor Activities Affecting Autism

Participants The study collected data from 237 observations on; normal TV watching, less TV watching, normal outdoor activities, more outdoor activities, autism level, the theory of mind measure. Measures The analysis was developed using a regression model in which the level of watching TV, outdoor activities and interaction of TV...

Healthcare Research

Benchmarking Process in Healthcare

The Hillingdon Hospital in North West London had a problem of having frail patients with different medical conditions. An old model with two consultant ward rounds per week was being used. A junior medical team member or a consultant on a need basis would see patients at different times apart...

Healthcare Financing

E-Cigarettes and Safer Smoking

For many years, the quest for ‘safer cigarettes’ has been of interest to both companies producing tobacco products and their consumers. The development of e-cigarettes is a step in the right direction because even though ‘safer’ does not necessarily meansafe,’ it stands to reason that products with lower neuropharmacological activity...

Public Health

Ethics in Health Administration

Sometimes, professionals and administrators in different fields need to have a distinction between ethics and codes of conduct during the conduct of their work. Codes of ethics are very vital in a situation such as health administration where much could go awry if proper morals and codes of conduct are...

Medical Ethics

Belmont Village Facility’s High Employee Turnover

Identification of Issues Belmont Village is a long-term care facility for older people, which provides the necessary support to fulfill its residents’ needs. Healthcare workers, including nurses, form a significant share of workers, as they provide needs-specific medical assistance to Belmont Village residents. Older adults living in the facility face...

Administration and Regulation

American Health Agencies and Their Services

Health Agencies Level Location Website Information Surveillance Data Change National United States www.hhs.gov Table of contents, diseases, preparedness, families, secretary The survey, self report, and statistics. Regular updates as Information comes Canada www.hc-sc.gc.ca Outline of health services provided in Canada, consumer products & drug safety, environmental health, food & nutrition,...

Healthcare Institution

Benefits and Disadvantages of ER Diagrams

What are the benefits or disadvantages of ER diagrams? Why bother with a logical design and not just create tables and columns (physical design) directly? Entity-relationship diagrams (ERDs) are a logical representation of data that describes the relationships among entities and attributes. The central reasons for choosing an entity relation...

Health IT

Health System’s Issues and Management

The term “health system” refers to the “organization of institutions, resources, and professionals that offer sustainable services to support the medical needs of the target population” (Morris, 2014, p. 16). This definition explains why there are numerous types of health systems. For instance, the nature of laws and care delivery...

Healthcare Institution

Health and Fitness Centers for People with Disabilities

I am writing to draw your attention to the problem of health and fitness centers accessibility for individuals with disabilities. I would like you to pay particular attention to the problem and provide people with disabilities with equal access to health and fitness centers. I am deeply concerned about the...

Public Health

Healthcare Benchmarking of the US and Canada

A health-care system is a complex arrangement of health services. The essence of any health-care system is to provide access to health-care services for all people. Different organizational structures, institutions, and resources are involved in this process. A diverse array of health-care systems can be found all across the globe...

Healthcare Institution

Queens Hospital Center’s Smoking Cessation Program

Let me start by expressing my gratitude for the honor of accepting to partner with Queens Hospital center in the quest to bring about positive changes in the organization. Queens Hospital Center is faced with several problems that affect the quality of services offered to clients. We have developed an...

Administration and Regulation

CDC and Healthcare: Disaster Management Lessons

What is the role of CDC in detection, diagnosis, and mitigation of illness and injury caused by biological and chemical terrorism? Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) plays a major role in cases of large emergencies related to epidemics and chemical weapon attacks. Among the key roles of the...

Public Health

Research Design and Data Collection

Introduction The purpose of this study is to determine the association between asthma and smoking status among adult African immigrants in California. I intend to use a quantitative correlation approach to explore the association between asthma and smoking status and investigate the influence of selected demographic variables (age, sex, years...

Healthcare Research

US Healthcare Payment System and Programs

American Health System The American health system has undergone a major evolution since the inception of the nation. America’s health system has been under much scrutiny over a long time, more so because it is fragmented and, to some extent, inefficient. Indeed, the U.S. spends more than any other developed...

Healthcare Financing

Smoking in Public Places Should it Be Allowed?

Smoking is an expensive habit to maintain. It is not just about the cost involved in purchasing a pack of cigarettes but the overall impact on the life of a smoker. Instead of saving money used on maintaining a smoking habit, the money can be put into good use. But...

Public Health

Ebola Awareness Campaign in Various Settings

Program Implementation in Health Care and Community How to Implement Public Health Program in Health Care Setting for Scenario 1 The public health program would be implemented in the health care setting by providing parents with brochures and pamphlets about Malaria. These materials could also contain information about the epidemiology...

Public Health

Occupation Hygiene and Health Methodology

Methodology for investigating the Complaints The following procedure will help in investigating the customers’ complaints. According to OSHA, written complaints must be received prior to investigations. Thus, the first step will be to review the complaint records in order to determine whether the investigation should be given priority or not...

Healthcare Research

Improving Patient Care

Evidence-based practice: step by step: igniting a spirit of inquiry: an essential foundation for evidence-based practice. Evidence-based practice (EBP) plays a critical role in enhancing the nursing profession. Nurses execute their duties under the guidance of practices hinged on evidence as opposed to traditions and protocols. Consequently, patient outcomes improve,...

Healthcare Research

Sociology of African American Families in Nursing Practice

Abstract African American families represent a large percent of the US society, and nurses working with the members of these families should follow the unique approach to care and treatment because of the necessity to address the African Americans’ health and social needs appropriately. A variety of factors influence the...


Global Health Care Organizations and Health Care Model

Organizations that operate globally and are concerned with health care matters want to improve the current state of access and quality of services. However, different countries develop unique models of healthcare delivery that prioritize a particular performance indicator. This paper aims to summarize the missions and major initiatives of United...

Healthcare Research

Nursing Skill Mix for Professional Development

Abstract “Skill mix as the range of different skills possessed by the members of a group or required for a particular job” (Richards et al., 2000, p. 186). Its role in transferability of skills and knowledge in the community nursing context is highly debated among different stakeholders. While many agree...