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Healthcare Institution

Power Acquisition in Health Care Settings

Bruce, F. (1989). Power Acquisition in Health Care Setting: An Application of Strategic Contingencies Theory Human Relations, 41(12), 915-927. In this article, the author has put emphasis on Substitute Tactical contingency theories suggesting the uncertainty managing, non-changeability and centrality predict intra-managerial grouping power. The theory was put to test in twenty...


Hypothermia In Post-Cardiac Arrest Patients

Introduction Cardiac arrest is the leading cause of debility and unexpected death globally. It can however be managed and patients can gain full recovery if only they get the necessary medical attention expediently. Scientific data collected from numerous researches has proven that elevated temperatures in the brain are the cause...


Nursing Theory Analysis: Health Promotion Model

Theory/Author Name and Background Nola J. Pender developed the Health Promotion Model (HPM) in 1982 and revised it in 1996. There have been subsequent revisions with the fifth edition in 2006. The model has been chosen as appropriate for Family Nurse Practitioners. HPM is a middle-range theory that focuses on...

Medical Ethics

Patient Confidentiality: Betraying Trust or Providing Good Care?

The Ethical Implications of a Breach of Confidentiality According to Lawrence (2007, p. 36), “patient confidentiality is critical in every nursing practice”. This fact explains why “caregivers should understand the circumstances and situations under which confidentially can be broken” (Purtilo & Doherty, 2011, p. 39). Patient confidentiality is critical because...

Healthcare Institution

The Primary Care Clinic Establishment

Abstract Primary Care Clinics offer quality medical services to patients with different health needs. A proper managerial strategy can ensure every clinic achieves the best medical outcomes. The targeted primary care clinic has 69 employees. Such employees work tirelessly to fulfill the changing health needs of their targeted patients. This...

Healthcare Institution

Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm

Introduction The ability to restore, repair, cure, and return to wholeness is called healing. However, cure can be defined as the restoration or recovery from illness. Cure can be described as the process, mechanism, practice, and agent of healing. The healing hospital is a conceptual model that employs healing designs...


Personal Ethical Statement in Nursing Practice

The student’s character and values that have a positive impact on academic nursing life include confidentiality, rationality, effective communication, high morals, respect, and promotion of equality. Basically, these elements form the strength of a successful nursing career. Positive ethical aspirations are achievable through action-oriented respect, mutual coexistence, and deeply entrenched...


Diagnostics Case: Assessment of Genitalia and Rectum

Introduction Comprehensive history taking and physical examination skills are important during patient assessment for accurate diagnosis. This paper explains how to obtain a detailed history from patients and how to examine the genitalia and rectum of a male patient. It then gives the probable diagnoses based on the symptoms present....


Treatment and Prevention of Prostate Cancer

Introduction Incidences of prostate cancer continue rising globally although its causes remain unknown. Therefore, varieties of strategies are necessary to reduce the prevalence of prostate cancer in patients at risk. This paper explains how to prevent and treat prostate cancer. It also illustrates the side effects of the various therapies...

Other Medical Specialties

Initiating Hormone Replacement Therapy

Introduction Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) reduces menopausal symptoms by replacing the decreasing female hormones (Holloway, 2010). The target hormones for replacement are estrogen and progesterone. The decline in estrogen levels leads to numerous effects unlike a decline in progesterone levels. This paper explores factors to consider before initiating hormone replacement...


Becoming Better Nursing Colleague With QSEN Competencies

Introduction Improving service delivery in healthcare is the core objective of nursing. In this regard, delivery of quality services is expected in terms of nursing processes, informatics, adequate facilities and general improvement of the healthcare system. An effective healthcare system reduces risks for both patients and nurses. Modern nursing advancements...

Public Health

Health Disparities in India and China

Introduction This paper evaluates the health outcomes of India and China by comparing their health indicators. It shows that both countries have experienced different health outcomes, in terms of life expectancy and infant mortality rates. In line with this discussion, this paper explores the reasons for the health disparities between...

Public Health

Globalization of Health in Russia and the United States

Introduction Globalization has affected different aspects of life through the elimination of trade barriers and increased mobility of capital and labor. These changes have affected the political and economic landscapes of countries that have embraced it. Similar to how it has changed the economic landscape, globalization has also changed health...


Inter-Professional Education in Nursing

Abstract Essentially it is noted that inter-professional training is a crucial approach to teaching healthcare providers, especially in the nursing profession. In this regard, the inter-professional training that takes place in OR becomes of even greater importance since it facilitates observational learning and sharing of ideas. Although there are such...

Administration and Regulation

Down Syndrome in Australia: Key Aspects

Introduction This paper will make an in depth research analysis on Down syndrome in Australia due to the fact that a significant proportion of Australians’ population is either affected by it directly and indirectly, whereby more than 400 children are born with the disorder. The paper will analyze the causes...

Healthcare Research

The Artificial Blood Substitutes​

Introduction The need for an alternative to allogeneic red blood cells (RBCs) remains a challenge that man has attempted to solve for more than a century. Although the fundamental function and sacred nature of blood was known since the first time of our era by prehistoric civilizations (Baudin-Creuza et al,...

Other Medical Specialties

Types and Causes of Occupational Eye Injuries

Summary of the articles Ngo, C. & Leo, S. (2008). “Industrial accident-related ocular emergencies in a tertiary hospital in Singapore.” Singapore Medical Journal, 49(4), 280-286 Ngo & Leo (2008) wanted to find out the nature and causes of industrial eye-related injuries in Singapore. It was achieved through a retrospective study...


Ageism as a Problem in Nursing

Introduction It is important to note that ageism is a negative way of thinking or believing about the process of growing old or about elderly people. The sentiments and ideas of society regarding aging are culturally established and can have a significant impact on how individuals see themselves and others...