👩🏽‍⚕️ Essays on Rehabilitation

For people with impairments or disabilities, rehabilitation is a life-saving set of interventions and actions required to regain or keep their essential abilities. It is a multifaceted area of medicine that aids in restoring and enhancing a variety of functional capacities.

Thus, it covers not only physical treatments but also psychiatric, cognitive, and substance rehabilitation. Each specialty has its specific treatment approaches and objectives. This makes the field quite diverse and exciting to examine. By looking at our essay examples, you can learn more about rehabilitation and find inspiration for your upcoming work on the subject.


Sober Living Program After Drug Rehabilitation

Introduction The fight against drug abuse is often lengthy and tiresome. It takes a lot of strength and determination for one to get off drugs and keep him/herself clean. This cannot happen overnight and even after one has completed a rehabilitation program, a lot of support is required to stay...


Psychedelics and Addiction Treatment

Introduction Psychedelic medications are a highly polarizing topic both within medical circles and for society at large. In the public eye, they are closely connected to addictive drugs and provoke general distrust. The two sections of this essay are dedicated to the psychedelic treatment for medical conditions and the comparison...


The Importance of Gestalt Therapy for the Rehabilitation

The practitioner report written by Valerie Aiach Dominitz provides a unique perspective on the importance of Gestalt therapy for the rehabilitation of people with substance use disorder, bipolar disorder, and any other conditions requiring intervention. The author claims that this method is one of the most efficient ways to ensure...


Substance Use Disorders & Harm Reduction Programs

Introduction Drug abuse is one of the most troublesome societal issues in the modern world. Despite the decline of HIV/AIDS incidence across the globe, the number of people who contact the infection remains relatively high, with approximately 50,000 new annual cases in the United States alone (Kulikowski & Linder, 2018)....


Implementing Massage as a Form of Healing Therapy

Massage is a traditional practice that involves the manipulation of muscles and delicate tissues in the human body. It is sometimes regarded as conventional medicine in some countries due to its popularity and success although it is part of CAM (National Institutes of Health, 2007). A massage is a form...


Paramedic CPR: Ventilations With Bag Valve Mask and Laryngeal Mask Airway

Introduction In paramedic practice, the success of resuscitation depends on the maintenance of a patent airway and oxygenation. The return of a patient to the pre-morbid condition is therefore dependent on the efficiency of ventilation and oxygenation than any of the interventions that a paramedic may provide. The achievement of...