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Want to detect AI-generated content easily? Try out our AI writing detector! This tool is absolutely free and super easy to use.

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Chat GPT Checker Results Explained

The result of AI content analysis is presented in two ways: an AI Text Probability bar chart and a detailed text analysis. Both elements represent how likely is each word of your text to fall under the most and least used words by AI. Let's inspect the results section separately.

AI Text Probability

Once you click the "Find AI content" button, you will see a chart with four columns. Each column represents the group of words that are very likely/less likely/not likely/not likely at all to be used by ChatGPT or other text generators in the specific context.

  • Red – Words that fall into the first 10 most likely AI-generated words
  • Orange – Words that fall into the 100 most likely AI-generated words.
  • Green – Words that fall into 1000 most likely AI-generated words.
  • Blue – Words that are written by a human.

How to interpret these results?

  • The more blue and green words, the higher the probability of the text being created by a person.
  • The more red and fewer blue words, the more likely it is an AI-generated piece.

Text Analysis

Under the AI Text Probability chart, you will see your text all colored in the same four colors as the bars in the chart. This part shows exactly which words from your piece are most and least likely to be generated by AI. If a word is colored in red, it very likely was generated by AI; if it is orange, there are fewer chances; if green – not likely; finally, if a word is highlighted blue, it is unique and not typical for AI vocabulary.

Besides the colorful highlights, you can also see substitutes for each word. The AI Writing Detector lists the most AI-like words and where your word is in this list. You can choose the words that are lower in rate to decrease the percentage of AI-generated content. Click on each term to see this information and find the best synonyms!

Looking for a free ChatGPT detector for academic papers? This online tool will tell how likely it is that the text was generated by artificial intelligence! Even if your paper is 100% human-written, it is better to scan it with an AI checker, as a particular vocabulary choice or word order can resemble a text generated by Chat GPT. Use our free AI Writing Detector to prevent any risk of plagiarism and cheating.

🤔 How to Use Our AI Writing Detector

Here is how you can use our tool:

  1. Insert the text (up to 4500 characters).
  2. Click the "check the text" button.
  3. Get a detailed analysis of the text.

🕵️ AI-Generated Text Detection – Is It Possible?

While humans can hardly tell AI and human-written texts apart, online tools can easily handle the task. Take a look at some typical features of AI-generated texts:

  • Keyword stuffing. Some words or phrases appear so often that it doesn't seem natural.
  • Very long or very short sentences. Some AI writing tools can create almost human-like responses, but sentence length can be inappropriate. Tools like ChatGPT only gather and combine information; they cannot always present it properly.
  • Lack of interpretation or analysis. In this case, a text looks like a summary of facts but doesn't include insights and conclusions.
  • Data inaccuracies. AI gathers information from different online sources that can sometimes contradict each other.

👣 ChatGPT – Guide

Chat GPT is a chatbot that creates human-like text responses on request. Let's learn about its abilities, limitations, and ethical issues.

How Does Chat GPT Work?

Chat GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a large-scale artificial intelligence language model that uses deep learning algorithms to answer natural language inputs. ChatGPT was trained on massive amounts of online text data, allowing it to produce responses on various topics.

Here is how it works: a user inputs text into Chat GPT -> the model analyzes the input to identify its context -> it then uses a vast knowledge base for an appropriate answer -> it generates a response relevant to the input.


As with any technology, Chat GPT isn't perfect in many aspects. It doesn't always work smoothly, and here is why:

The bot might not provide up-to-date information. As ChatGPT 3.0 was trained on data up to September 2021, some of it might no longer be relevant.
Chat GPT may be biased and does not always answer complex questions. If you need an answer to a philosophical question or a solution to a complex issue, AI cannot always help. Chat GPT can only provide opinions from available online sources or refuse to generate a response.
The bot may make mistakes. You need to be careful and double-check everything. Chat GPT cannot check its sources for authenticity and accuracy.
It might generate similar texts. As you work with Ghat GPT, you might notice that it often uses the same phrases and structures. There is a very high chance of receiving resembling texts to similar requests.
Chat GPT can be at capacity because of high demand. Open AI servers don't always cope with the high number of people using Chat GPT simultaneously.

ChatGPT Ethical Issues

  • There are cases when Chat GPT gives out false information or denies information provided earlier. Students need transparency in the system to understand and trust the responses they receive.
  • The bot was trained on the data from the Internet, so it can use stereotypes, biased statements, swear words, etc. It also might use wording very close to the source without quoting it.
  • The use of Chat GPT raises questions about privacy and security. You should be aware if you share any personal or sensitive information with the bot. Some users are already concerned about their data privacy.
  • In addition, Chat GPT may impact the quality of students' learning outcomes. AI writing tools encourage cheating and kill creativity among students. Apart from written assignments, students may be tempted to use the system to cheat on exams.

🪄 Chat GPT Checker – Benefits

Consider these advantages of the AI Essay Checker:

💻 User-friendly You don't need to figure it out. Just a couple of clicks, and it's ready.
👐 Free No hidden additional paid features or registration requirements.
🌐 Online This is an online tool, so you need only Internet access.
📊 Visual The tool is straightforward because of all the interactive elements. You can instantly see the results.
✍️ Detailed It shows potential areas for improvement and offers solutions.
💯 Safe As we don't require any kind of authorization, you will stay completely anonymous. No one will ever know that you used the Chat GPT Checker.

☝️ AI Writing Detector FAQ

☝️ What Type of Content Can You Generate with AI?

You can use AI to generate almost any type of text content. It can be a code written in a specific language, promo material, or an essay. You can easily create high-quality content if you specify the details of the desired result.

☝️ Is It Ethical to Generate Content with the Help of AI?

Yes, it is. But only if you use it as a helper tool and don't let AI do all the job for you. Chat GPT can speed up your research or generate ideas but don't rely on it fully. It can use someone else's ideas or misinform you about something.

☝️ Can AI-Generated Content Be Detected?

Yes, plenty of tools can do it, and ours is one of them. AI-generated texts often fall into certain patterns of vocabulary choice and sentence formation. Also, Chat GPT can sometimes generate pieces that sound awkward or unnatural compared to texts created by people.

☝️ How Does Chat GPT Checker Work?

Our tool identifies the patterns of word choice and word order. Then it categorizes all the words in the text and presents you with a chart and a detailed text analysis. You can choose the words you want to change and pick one of the suggested alternatives.

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