Fair Use Policy

The Ethics of Our Paper Samples Database

We strive to provide support to nursing and healthcare students, helping them make the most out of their academic studies. The free academic paper samples on our website are a powerful tool that, when used correctly, will improve your grades.

This Fair Use Policy outlines how free Assignology.com essay samples should be used.

Avoiding Plagiarism

All essay samples in the Assignology.com free paper database should be used for introductory purposes only. You should use paper examples as a basis for further research and create your own original work.

Our team is passionate about education. We aim to provide our visitors with A-grade quality paper examples to inspire their own studies.

Using Assignology Sample Papers the Right Way

Our free essay sample database provides students with examples of how specific topics can be tackled. There are many ways to address college or university tasks, and you may disagree with the central thesis of a paper or have a different point of view than the paper’s author. The essays should be used as a starting point from which you can start your research and write your own work.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for using our essay samples the right way:

  1. Read the paper sample to understand the topic.
  2. Re-read each paragraph within the essay sample and make notes.
  3. Develop ideas from the notes you’ve taken, using the notes to develop your own arguments.
  4. Review the sources the paper’s author used within the sample. Use them to locate more relevant examples and sources.
  5. Make sure your paper is 100% original.

How Not to Use Assignology Samples

We strictly prohibit submitting essays found on our website as your own. We also strongly recommend you properly cite ideas and arguments from assignology.com samples that you use in your paper.

Even if you make some alterations to the essay sample, this will still be considered plagiarism. Remember that the work you submit to your high school, college, or university must be written entirely by you.

Using Assignology.com’s free essay examples, as described above, will help you boost your grades and show you how to write an A+ paper.