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Treating diseases, wounds, and other injuries are the main goals of surgery. By cutting a person or animal open, a surgeon repairs the body from the inside. Some surgeries also aim to enhance the physical traits of a patient.

There are numerous kinds of procedures, and the field is full of technical language. Surgeons implement various techniques and an operational manual for the entire process. Look through our collection of sample papers to familiarize yourself with the subject.


Development of Endoscopic Forceps Manipulator

Introduction Endoscopic surgery is the buzzword among patients who have to undergo surgery these days. Such surgical procedures are also referred to as minimally invasive surgery or keyhole surgeries. “While the term is pretty vague, ‘minimally invasive’ – or endoscopic or ‘keyhole’ surgery – generally means operations that are less...


Donor Blood vs. Non-Donor Blood Surgical Patients

Introduction Background Information With more than 7.65 followers all over the world, Jehovah’s Witnesses can be considered as one of the minor-stream religions in the world. According to Holden (2002), this religion can be described as a restorationist Christian denomination which is significantly different from mainstream Christianity. Unlike the mainstream...


Management of Severe Perioperative Bleeding

Executive Summary Surgeries often lead to some form of bleeding. However, severe bleeding leads to morbidity and mortality. An undetected pre-existing bleeding disorder or a coagulation abnormality may worsen this outcome. If pre-existing bleeding disorders and coagulation abnormalities occur at the same time, severe perioperative bleeding may occur. To mitigate...


Assessment and Care of Pressure Ulcers

Introduction The skin is the primary defense for the human body (Bluestein & Javaheri, 2008). Once this defense is breached, a person is open to a wide range of pathogens, some which were previously normal flora turning pathogenic. Therefore, at any one point, measures should be taken to enhance the...


Health Care Reform About Possibility of Organ Donation

Introduction Organ donation refers to the surgical removal of the body organ from one individual to allow for the transplantation into another individual. The individual donating the organ is referred to as the donor, while the patient receiving is referred to as the recipient. For a successful transplant, both the...


Navigation System in Minimally Invasive Surgeries

Minimally invasive procedures continue to increase in popularity since these techniques mean substantially less trauma for the patient, less expensive for them, and less workload for the surgeons. “The field of image-guided procedures is one subset of minimally invasive procedures in which medical images are used to provide guidance during...


Physiological Implications of Bariatric Surgery

One should imagine how a dose of food passes through the entire system. Any bolus starts its journey from the mouth where the jaw breaks down the food into pieces. Next shredded food goes through a windpipe, the so-called esophagus, to the stomach. The stomach works like a container that...


Silence, Power and Communication in the Operating Room

Abstract This paper is a review of the article, “Silence, Power and Communication in the Operating Room” by Gardezi et al. (2009). The article’s major points are summarized and highlights of how the findings could be applied in practice are given. A retrospective study was conducted by the authors in...