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Medical specialists can name multiple reasons why physiology is so essential to study. First of all, it helps us to understand how the human body functions. This information is critical for anyone working in the healthcare field. Secondly, physiology enables us to identify potential health problems and devise treatment plans accordingly.

Third, by studying the subject, we can discover new ways of enhancing and maintaining our well-being. Finally, physiology is an exciting and intellectually stimulating field. Therefore, if you are considering studying or writing a physiology paper, check our collection of essay samples.


Physical Exercise During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Physical exercise has numerous benefits to the body including improving its immune response. The immune system comprises many white blood cells within the bone marrow that protect the body from diseases and infections. Exercising increases immune response by stimulating the production of white blood cells. Elevated temperatures during physical activity...


Books by Corey, Yalom and Leszcz: Group Therapy

Introduction The books by Corey (2016) and Yalom and Leszcz (2005) are dedicated to the topic of group therapy, including its theory and practice; they share similar titles. However, the authors do not agree on everything, and their positions differ when discussing “difficult” or “problem” clients. The present paper will...


The Career Path of a Physician

Choosing a career path or a profession is one of the most critical decisions we make in life. Several factors should be considered, since one’s profession is a label of who the person is, what he or she does, and perhaps tells something about his or her personality. Out of...


Mechanisms of Hearing and Mechanism of Movement in Human Anatomy

1. Discuss the structures/mechanisms of hearing The structures of the ear that are involved in hearing include the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. The outer ear or pinna, in addition to playing a protective role, also functions to collect sound. The sound waves enter the ear...


Analysis of Anatomical and Physiological Cardiovascular Systems

Cardiovascular, nervous, and endocrine systems are essential for the human body because they regulate the functioning of various mechanisms that transmit signals and impulses about the environment to a person. Without these systems, the flow of information from a human’s brain to nerves and cells would not be possible. This...


Respiratory System and Its Contribution to Homeostasis

It should be noted that the respiratory system consists of a set of organs that support the function of a person’s external respiration (gas exchange between the inhaled atmospheric air and the circulating blood). Gas exchange occurs in the lungs, and it implies that oxygen from the inhaled air is...


Exercise Physiology and Health Factors in Training

Energy pathways and exercises that utilize them There are three major pathways for obtaining energy exploring both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. First of all, it is an ATP-PC system. One should realize the fact that the body needs a constant supply of ATP energy. Besides, for short and intense physical...