A Healthcare Capstone Project’s Stakeholders

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When introducing any meaningful change to a healthcare facility, attention should always be paid to the individuals and facilities that can be affected by such a change. These people are also known as stakeholders, as they are the ones explicitly or implicitly influenced by the organization’s actions (Hendricks, 2019). Thus, as far as the project of implementing EBP training among nurses is concerned, the support of the hospital administration is of vital importance. This group of internal stakeholders is in charge of the policies and conditions of work for every employee. During the Capstone project intervention, one of the most important tasks will be to conduct three two-hour EBP training sessions among the nursing staff, which can be challenging given the amount workload. Hence, gaining the support of the hospital management can help encourage nurses to participate in the training even if it is considered extra time for their working shift.

When it comes to the external stakeholders, the attention should be focused on the public health office in Hollywood, Florida. Since the project’s primary goal is to justify the hypothesis that EBP knowledge and implementation contribute to positive patient outcomes, public health support is critical for the future of nursing in the area. Concentrating on the importance of EBP training in the nursing environment, the public health officials can become an ally in promoting this change among other local facilities. Considering both external and internal stakeholders, it may be concluded that ensuring proper communication with both is a key to successful project implementation. Without stakeholder backup, the change initiators are less likely to find the required resources.


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