A Nurse School Graduation

The purpose of my essay is to identify several possible opportunities in a locale I’d like to work if I’d be graduating from nursing school in 90 days. Also I will highlight the most important factors in choosing an occupation and bring up some examples of questions that may help you to choose your own locale to work after graduating.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2009) “registered nurses held about 2.6 million jobs in 2008 as the largest healthcare occupation”. Hospitals employed the majority of RNs, with 60 percent of such jobs” is written on the website of. U.S. Bureau Statistic (2009) says that “about 8 percent of jobs were in offices of physicians, 5 percent in home healthcare services, 5 percent in nursing care facilities, and 3 percent in employment services”. The rest worked in government agencies, educational service and social assistance agencies.

Mayo Foundation (2011) informs us that “nursing is the largest health-care occupation and one of 10 occupations projected to have the largest numbers of new jobs annually through 2010”. But “some states report current and projected shortages of nurses, primarily due to an aging workforce and recent declines in nursing school enrollments” according to Mayo Foundation (2011).

Nursing positions have been expanded beyond the traditional hospital nursing roles lately. Nurses have increased their capability and adaptability so they can revolve among different employment settings today’s cooperated health-care networks.

There’re a vast variety of facilities or areas such as hospitals, clinics or offices, nursing homes, home-health, occupational health or industrial nurse, leadership positions, teaching positions at hospitals, colleges and universities in which nurses are typically employed.

Assuming that I’ll be graduating from nursing school in less than 90 days I have to choose a locale where I want to be employed. So here are some examples of questions that I ask myself choosing an occupational direction.

  • What field of medicine is the most likable for me?
  • What am I capable to do in the field I’d like to work?
  • Will I reach my goals and purposes in a chosen locale?
  • Will I improve my skills in there?

At first, you have to ask yourself what’s your goals of working a nurse. What do you want: to help people and improve your skills or just to work with only purpose of earning money?

As for me, I’d like to work as a clinic or an office nurse. “They care for outpatients in physicians’ offices, clinics, surgery centers and emergency medical centers. Also, they prepare patients for, and assist with, examinations, administer injections and medications, dress wounds and incisions, assist with minor surgery and maintain records” according to Mayo Foundation (2011). Those are the most important factors for me in choosing this field of action, because I’m interested in improving my skills in theoretical medicine (surgery, physiology, postoperative recovery) and in a practical surgery too. I’d like to take part in a social treatment process the way I’ll be able to provide a great help.

Mayo Foundation (2011) informs us that “an increasing proportion of sophisticated procedures which once were performed only in hospitals, are being performed in physicians’ offices and clinics, including ambulatory surgery centers and emergency medical centers”. Accordingly, employment is expected to rise faster than average in these health-care settings what defines my will to work in this area after soon graduation.


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