“The Oldest Old – Living Beyond 90” Video

This report deals with the video that goes under the title “The Oldest Old – Living Beyond 90” and can be viewed on YouTube. The video is concerned with the research exploring different aspects of aging with the focus on the prevention of certain health issues that are common at this age. The study involves people who lived in the aging community Leisure World in the early 1980s (“The Oldest Old – Living Beyond 90 Part 1”).

The community was created for active people in their late 50s or older. The records of the community contain data concerning its residents’ diets, their way of life, and health history. The overall number of people whose records were examined is 40,000. However, further examinations were completed with a significantly smaller number of people. Many people moved to other areas, some residents died, and some older people simply refused to take part in the study.

The elderly who agreed to participate in the research had some interviews and physical as well as cognitive examinations. They were asked about their diets, daily routines, hobbies, concerns, and feelings regarding their life and health status.

The physical and emotional state of the participants varied considerably, but the researchers managed to identify some trends. For example, physical activity, active social life, moderate intake of alcohol and coffee, as well as weight gain and high blood pressure were associated with better health conditions in 90-year-olds. When it comes to cognitive deterioration that is common at this age, the researchers are not that sure. They identified some factors associated with the development of dementia or similar disorders. However, they tend to think that a combination of issues affects the process rather than one factor (“The Oldest Old – Living Beyond 90 Part 2”).

The researchers also assume that people may have different instruments to block those factors and maintain their cognitive functions. This assumption is a result of the examination of the elderly who had some of the symptoms (certain brain structure) associated with dementia. It was found that they did not display cognitive deterioration. It is mentioned that a new study has already received the necessary funding. The study will enable researchers to look into particular risk factors associated with the development of some types of dementia.

The video addresses one of the topics that has been discussed extensively in the media, and a lot is known on the matter. The video contains valuable information regarding aging, but some of the facts are quite self-evident. Clearly, I knew about the positive effects of physical activity. I agree with the researchers who claim that being active is important for good aging. Active people look much better in their 90s than their peers who have had a more passive way of life.

Dancing, walking, or just being active can help people maintain their bodies in good shape even at a very old age, which is clear when looking at the participants of the research. It was also obvious that social ties were instrumental in making older people feel happier and healthier. I agree that people’s emotional state has a considerable influence on their health conditions. The way this fact was highlighted in the video is remarkable since the viewer can actually see what older people feel when interacting with others. Nevertheless, there were some facts that were quite new to me, or I was doubtful about such assumptions.

One of the most surprising findings for me was the positive effect of high blood pressure on older people’s health status, especially when it came to their cognitive abilities. High blood pressure is associated with various health issues and is regarded as a disorder to be treated. However, for the elderly, this disorder seems to be a favorable condition that helps people remain mentally healthy. Although some disputes concerning the intake of coffee are still ongoing, it was still unexpected for me to learn about the positive impact this drink has on older people. From the video, I also learned about the beneficial influence of alcohol or, rather, moderate consumption of this substance.

The participants who regularly consumed wine looked very healthy and happy. All these effects must be linked to blood pressure and its effects on elderly patients’ health conditions. I still have mixed feelings concerning the findings related to weight gain. I do not think this can be a favorable factor. I believe weight (moderate weight gain or loss) is not statistically significant as other factors could be more influential, so the researcher might have come to erroneous conclusions.

There are some points I disagree with, and these are mainly linked to the research concerning cognitive issues. The researchers state that the presence of plex and tangles in an individual’s brain says that the person has some type of dementia. I disagree with this assumption, and the participants displayed in the video can be an illustration of my point. Some of them had such tangles but did not have cognitive impairments.

At the same time, those who had fewer tangles revealed the signs of dementia. I believe plex and tangles can be regarded as one of the symptoms or even a consequence of some processes or life events. The researcher interviewed in the video articulates this assumption as well. I quite disagree with the opinion that the time after the age of 50 or 60 is the right time to improve the way of life or diet. I think proper diet and lifestyle should be maintained from people’s childhood and until they age to be over 100. At that, I agree that there are some activities and recommendations appropriate for some age.

I recommend this video as it contains a lot of valuable information concerning aging, associated myths, and facts. The video shows that there are certain ways to age with dignity and remain active. It is also emphasized that further research is needed to help people achieve this goal. One of the strengths of the video is the fact that particular people with their stories are depicted. Their physical and emotional states are revealed, so the participants are not some hypothetical individuals but real people with real lives.

The video also provides a balanced set of facts regarding aging. For instance, certain diets, disorders, and prevention strategies are highlighted. In addition, it is mentioned that romance has proved to have a positive impact on older people’s health and their overall well-being. A wide audience can benefit from viewing the video under analysis, including healthcare staff and educators, students, and patients. It is important to know about aging in order to age with dignity and become a happy and healthy elderly person.

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