Characteristics Educators Look for in a Staff Nurse

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Staff nurses have become an integral component in the learning environment particularly regarding aiding students on clinical placement. Medical training colleges have continually started embracing competent staff nurses who have the capability of offering high quality care while offering mentoring classes to the clinical students. The staff nurses must exhibit prominent level of continued professional development that is relevant to the nursing practice. Professional qualifications coupled with affiliation to a professional body are imperative since it provides the nurse with the mandate to discharge the role and responsibilities effectively. The staff nurse must also exhibit superb interpersonal skills which must be complemented with excellent communication skills. Effective communication is vital since it provides the requisite skills that are useful in passing information to the patients and the students. Dedication and deep understanding of the specific groups of patients combined with valuable information management is paramount since it enhances harnessing of evidence into practice.

Role modeling behaviors mostly perceived in staff nurses is mainly those that enhance the learning of the students. The students perceive dialogue among the staff as a clear message of encouraging the students to learn and their willingness to integrate the student’s experiences in their own professional experience. Respect is another behavior that has proved useful in encouraging students to learn. In fact, a nurse who engages and speaks to students respectfully has been found to be the basis for forming an encouraging atmosphere for learning in the clinical environment. Provision of effective mentorship program is imperative in improving the confidence and competence of the students.