Characteristics of a Professional Registered Nurse

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The article by Swan et al. (2019) examines what characteristics registered nurses need to possess to perform their job functions and assigned responsibilities effectively. According to the researchers, these professionals should have extensive knowledge across different healthcare disciplines to provide comprehensive care and make appropriate changes to the treatment process if needed (Swan et al., 2019). The activities of registered nurses are assessed from a general perspective, from patients’ individual standpoints, from the organizational role, as well as from the perspective of medical employees themselves. Swan et al. (2019) note in the process of performing their immediate duties, specialists of the profile in question face barriers and challenges that hinder the productive implementation of the assigned care tasks. At the same time, the roles of registered nurses are evaluated as significant and described as part of measures aimed to improve patient health outcomes.

Interpersonal interactions among registered nurses are mentioned in terms of possible competition. However, Swan et al. (2019) offer to pay attention to the current practices of engagement and building teams of medical specialists as steps to eliminate potential conflicts and misunderstandings. As the researchers argue, registered nurses advocate for effective patient involvement and contribute to creating favorable recovery conditions (Swan et al., 2019). In addition, their role in improving care coordination is presented, which, as Heidke et al. (2020) remark, is an essential aspect of professional activities. Promoting effective communication and assisting patients in self-management round out the list of the characteristics of registered nurses.


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