Childcare. Mother’s and Father Role in Childcare

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The notion of motherhood is now crucial in terms of healthcare and raising children in a healthy environment. As a significant part of the healthcare system is dedicated to childcare, there are various scholars and writers who aim at explaining the difficulties of child raising in relatively plain ways. One of the most outstanding representatives of the field is Ann Hulbert, an American writer focusing on the issue of proper childcare and parents’ approaches to raising kids. However, I agree with the discussion’s statement that the issue is primarily focused on mothers as the ones who dedicate more time to household chores and raising children. Today’s world is centered around equality within the world community’s parts, including nuclear families. Researchers claim that father involvement in the children rearing has a significant impact on the kid’s behavioral patterns later in life (Opondo, Redshaw, Savage-McGlynn, & Quigley, 2016). Thus, their participation in securing their children’s healthcare should also not be underestimated.

I agree with the discussion’s idea that previously, it was a default impression that the mother was always the one responsible for taking care of children and the one who guaranteed disease prevention. Pediatrics tend to pay more attention to maternal screening, making sure that mothers are able to take proper care of their children, whereas the fathers’ involvement is often undermined (Allport, Johnson, Aqil, Labrique, Nelson, Kc, Carabas, & Marcell, 2018). In my opinion, fathers often do not pay proper attention to their kids’ health due to the fact they are not educated on the subject. In order to resolve the issue, it is necessary for pediatrics to provide all the family members with equal information about children healthcare.

Taking the discussion into consideration, it may be concluded that its major goal was to convey the idea of mothers’ prevailing in the context of taking care of children. Although years ago, the stigma of predetermined mother’s role in the family was real, today, the world has embraced the idea of gender roles equality. Thus, the children healthcare representatives and pediatrics, in particular, should educate both parents on how to prevent their children from health hazards.