Chronic Pain Assistance in Los Angeles Area

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It is important to note that the Los Angeles area has a number of viable options in regard to chronic pain assistance measures. The three identified ones are TMJ Expert Dr. Eddie Siman, Pain & Healing Institute, and Dr. Carr Integrative Physical Therapy. The given assessment will focus on the TMJ Expert Dr. Eddie Siman since the facility, and its main professional specifically focuses on chronic pain issues of the temporomandibular joint or TMJ.

What Services Do They Provide?

TMJ Expert Dr. Eddie Siman’s facility primarily provides services centered around TMJ issues. These include three groups of services, which are TMJ diagnosis and consultation, holistic TMJ treatment, as well as dental implants, and cosmetic dentistry (TMJ Expert, 2021). The holistic treatment involves radiographic evaluation, in-house CT scan, evaluation of the results, consultation, jaw and bite alignment with the use of orthotic, orthodontics and dental reconstruction, and neuromuscular therapy (TMJ Expert, 2021). In other words, the experts at the facility treat the TMJ issues and pain as a whole rather.

Do They Use Medication?

It should be noted that the facility and Dr. Eddie Siman do not use drugs or medications. It is stated that “Dr. Eddie Siman is not one to settle for temporary fixes. He is a meticulous professional, rare in his field, who has studied TMJ for over 30 years and treats it holistically without any injections, long-term drugs, or surgery” (TMJ Expert, 2021, para. 2). In other words, the latter three measures are viewed as unappealing due to their dependency on pain medications or surgical interventions.

Do They Address Psychosocial Aspects?

The facility does not directly claim to address the psychosocial aspects, but its holistic approach is inclusive of these elements. The holistic treatment involves smile restoration and other aesthetic improvements, which are not mandatory after the TMJ pain elimination or reduction. However, since good looks and appealing smiles are key elements of social interaction and one’s psychological well-being, it is safe to state that some psychosocial aspects are considered and addressed.

What Was Appealing to You as A Rehabilitation Counselor as to Why You May or May Not Refer Your Client to This Service Provider?

I may refer my client to this service provider if the client simply wants his or her TMJ issue treated holistically, which means that such an individual does not care about the specifics of the issue. Such is the case with the vast majority of clients, which is why TMJ Expert Dr. Eddie Siman’s facility is one of the best options in the Los Angeles area. I may not refer my clients to the facility if they need surgical interventions.

Was the marketing and advertising component to this service multiculturally aware or did it appear to focus on only specific populations?

The marketing and advertising component of the service is multiculturally aware since it is open to serving any individual with TMJ issues or pain. The main website presents images and representations of people with different genders, ages, ethnicities, and racial backgrounds. It is likely that the service provider’s services are expensive, which is why they might be inaccessible for people with lower socioeconomic status.


In conclusion, TMJ Expert Dr. Eddie Siman is an outstanding service provider for anything TMJ-related, especially chronic pain. The facility utilizes holistic treatment approaches primarily, which means that the issue is addressed as a whole with the inclusion of psychosocial elements.


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