COVID–19: Emergence as a Pandemic

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Urbanization is one of the biggest reasons why COVID-19 has become a pandemic by getting outside of China. It should be clarified that not only urbanization itself is to blame, but the population density in large metropolitan cities. Since ancient times, cities have been the primary medium for the spread of various epidemics. Moreover, the larger the city, the stronger the disease mutates and adapts to humans. Also, population density affects the expansion of the area of ​​further spread of the disease to all places, up to rural areas. In the case of our time, one can observe a situation in which China, distinguished by its dense development of large regional and shopping centers, has become the center of a pandemic. However, in the end, this affected all the cities of Asia and Europe due to their incredible connection, traffic, and population density.

The cause of COVID-19 can be many factors, perhaps not even one or a dozen, but it can be said that the origin of the disease comes from the animal world. In particular, COVID-19 began its spread from the markets of Chinese cities. A distinctive feature of Asia’s trading culture, especially Chinese culture, is the consumption of wild animals for food. We are talking about many exotic things for Westerners, like snakes or turtles, and wicked things, like dogs and cats. However, bats are the most distinctive in this situation, which has long been found in East Asian cuisine. Bats have exceptional immunity, carrying multiple infections and viruses without consequences. The fact that bats are the ideal incubator for virus mutations led to the fact that once a strain of COVID-19 infected the first people.