Critique of “Streptococcal Infections” Website

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The purpose of the website “Streptococcal Infections (invasive group A strep, GAS)” is to provide comprehensive information on the bacteria Group A streptococci, how it is spread, the diseases caused by the bacteria, signs and symptoms of these diseases, the diseases’ prevalence, risk groups for the diseases caused by the bacteria, treatment methods, the diseases’ communicability, and prevention methods from possible infections. Owned and managed by the New York State Department of Health (NYS DOH), the website is available to the general public, and it is seemingly popular among patients with streptococcal infections and their families. Taking this into account, the language and terminology used in the website is simple and straightforward to cater for anyone who may be after relevant information regarding streptococcal infections. Although some complex medical terms are used sparingly throughout the website, most of the unnecessary jargon has been watered down words that can be understood by non-professionals.

The “Streptococcal Infections” webpage of the NYS DOH website is very visually appealing, with a color pallet and strategically placed hyperlinked texts that makes the processes of reading and searching of terms easier for visitors. The overall design of the website is also appealing, with the fonts and bolding of specific phrases strategically and accurately utilized. Groupings of information are also used in a logical manner. At the top of the webpage, for instance, there are several helpful tabs and links including individuals/Families, Providers/Professionals, Heath Facilities, Search, Services, Government, and COVID-19 Vaccine, which visitors can follow to find relevant information specific to their needs. For instance, within the News tab, users can find reliable and credible sources such as relevant articles on a wide range of topics. Similarly, the Providers/Professional tabs are accessible ensure health care providers and leaders are well educated and informed on current diseases and interventions.

A visit to some of the informational links in the website reveals various well-written health pieces, articles, announcements, and news that contain reliable medical and health information. The reliability of this information can be ascertained immediately, particularly due to the medically adept language used and their authors, whose credentials are, more often than not, stated. The type of health information provided in the website is divided both into level of expertise/detail and into scope. The “Streptococcal Infections” webpage belongs to the latter as it contains health information with a particular focus, and provides excellent in-depth treatments of particular conditions/diseases without necessarily contextualizing them in a greater medical context – this a great resource for people who already a bit about a disease (e.g. patients and their families) and want to understand it better.

Lastly, the NYS DOH website is resourceful as it makes it possible for consumers to reach out when questions arise. Each webpage has a ‘contact’ tab, which includes contact information for every department presented. This increases transparency, trust, connection, and communication. In addition, the NYS DOH also provides consulting services within the website for every aspect of the industry including data and reports, narcotic enforcement, homecare and hospice, adult care facilities, nursing homes, permits, licenses, and certifications, and school-based health centers, just to name a few. This feature helps the NYS DOH achieve its goal of advancing the field of health care by ensuring the faculties within the department are always available and capable of providing the highest standard of care.


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