Fitness Injury and Back Pain Consequences

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Sally was completing an exercise to make her back and shoulders stronger. However, due to the poor technique, she felt a strong pain between the shoulder blades. According to Scutt (2020), the rhomboid muscles were affected as they are located exactly in the place of the pain. Nevertheless, it is crucial to conduct further examinations using special mechanisms to understand the real cause of the problem and start treatment. Due to the injury, Sally might face some functioning issues like the inability to move freely. The tension in the affected muscles reduces the speed of movements and the frequency of the body’s reaction. The pain may increase the next day, and Sally might lose the ability to continue exercising. The upper part of the back is responsible for the whole body, and such parts as arms or lower back might be negatively affected and lose their functionality.

Nerves have a strong connection with muscles, and physicians need to detect what is damaged as the treatment can be different. Axillary nerves are located in the zone of the pain, and while completing an exercise, those nerves might stretch or even be torn apart. In case of injured nerves, doctors can restrict physical activity for several days as the progression of the problem might cause more serious consequences. The performance of this type of exercise should be well-structured, and the weight should be set correctly. Moreover, it should not be done without a special warm-up that helps muscles stay more flexible. A specific preparation can protect the body from undesirable body issues and avoid the development of chronic diseases. If this problem occurs later, it is crucial to attend a specialist as soon as possible.


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