Health Care Reform – Is This What America Needs?

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In the recent past, the U.S has moved some strides toward providing affordable health care to all its citizens. Many efforts have been directed toward bringing some changes in health care insurance. The Obama administration wants health insurance reform that will cut costs, promising alternatives, and improve the quality of health delivery to Americans. These efforts have seen the inclusion of the best ideas in President Obama’s final legislation.

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One key reason why there should be a reform in health care is that the current health care system is very expensive, something that Americans are not happy with. A health care reform will make health care more accessible to all citizens. It will also force health insurers to widen their health insurance coverage to all citizens. This in essence will bring in a health care system that is sustainable and strengthen the family budgets. Without a doubt, health manpower will work towards strengthening the American economy (Satz, p.4).

Reform in health care will make health insurance coverage more affordable by offering the largest middle-class tax reduction in American history. It will also reduce the cost of health insurance by lowering premium costs for the majority of families and business owners who currently can not afford health insurance coverage. This will make more Americans access quality health care which is at the moment, beyond the reach of many. As a result of this, nearly more than 90 percent of Americans will be able to afford health insurance coverage.

Reform in health care will further bring into play a competitive health insurance industry providing the majority of Americans the same insurance options that the congress members will have. It will also enhance accountability in health care delivery by setting up out rational rules on how to reduce the cost of the premium and eliminate health insurance industry breaches and refusal of care.

A health care reform can be one of the solutions to disparities in health care delivery especially the discrimination of minority groups in the access of quality health care. It will also get rid of discrimination against U.S citizens with pre-existing conditions (Satz, p. 45).

A health care reform will also put the United States budget and economy on a stronger path by reducing the deficit by more than $100 billion in a decade and over $1 trillion in the subsequent decade. It will also improve the economy by reducing the government over expenditure and control waste, corruption, and abuse.

A significant change can be, for instance, getting rid of the Nebraska FMAP code and as well as giving a considerable financial boost to all States for the extension of Medicaid. For high-class citizens, the health care reform is the same as the Medicare removing differences in the number of health care insurance products.

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Health care reform will improve the Senate bill’s provisions that make insurance available to persons and homes. The reform will also improve the provisions to fight corruption in Medicare and Medicaid. Currently, insurance is very expensive and covers very little. This leads individuals to delay health care, miss health care, or have a huge medical bill. Health care reform will lower the cost of health insurance through increased competition and revised accountability norms formulated by insurance exchanges. It will also reduce the cost of health care by raising the tax credits for families concerning their incomes (Atul, p.31).

Health reform will further enhance the cost-sharing aid for individuals and homes. This is because it will make homes with little income receive additional financial help and the extra funding to insurance companies will take care of over 80 percent of their health costs.

Health reform is in line with the Senate provision since it does not enforce a directive on employers to provide health insurance cover to his or her employees; however, it needs them to aid in settling health care costs if the government is settling the bill for its citizens. The reform also enhances the transition to the employer obligation provision for employers with over 50 employees. Health care reform will also transform the applicable levies for companies with over 50 workers that do not provide insurance coverage to $2,000 and utilizes the same organization-size entry in all fields (Patrick et al, p. 61). Health reform will get rid of the evaluation of the time an employee can be non-permanent but it keeps the 90 days limit.

The health care reform implements the Senate method, though it reduces the flat dollar assessment, and increases the income assessment that people pay if they opt not to take health insurance cover. Particularly, it reduces the flat dollar charges. Moreover, health care reform transforms the charge exception from the Senate provision to persons with income below the tax threshold (Patrick et al, p. 34).

The health reform makes sure that people have access to complete mental condition care in the community context, though it reinforces norms for agencies that seek compensation as community mental condition service centers. This is by ensuring they provide quality care and not take the benefit of Medicare patients. It will also streamline the processes to carry out Medicare compensation assessments to facilitate extra assessments developed to lower fraud and abuse.

Health reform comprises of a new law that will need Medicare Advantage insurance products to use more than 80 percent of earnings on health care costs that enhance the quality of health care instead of unnecessary reimbursement and other unwarranted overhead costs. Finally, the health care reforms get rid of the comparative health cost amendment program that is yet to be put into play.


Health care reform will afford all U.S citizens health insurance cover. This will helps them cut health care costs by lowering cost-shifting, whereby those insured end up paying the unavoidable health care bills of those without the cover. It will also prevent insurers’ abuses and therefore boost the security and strength of the health care insurance industry in the United States (Liu et al, p. 71). There are legal provisions that need persons who can pay for insurance to settle the cost of unavoidable health care. Reform will protect persons who would have to pay premiums greater than their earnings from paying assessment costs and therefore giving them a chance to buy low-cost health insurance plans.

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