Healthcare and Appropriate Application of Technology

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Nursing practice is one of the fundamental components of the healthcare system in any country, including the USA. The American Nurse Association (2010) outlined six basic areas in which American nurses can guide the public and political leaders to improve people’s health and wellness. Each of these key areas is of utmost importance for the fulfilment of nursing social responsibilities, but the one associated with knowledge and technology deserves specific attention.

One of the most relevant areas, as identified by the American Nurse Association (2010), is the expansion of nursing and healthcare knowledge and appropriate application of technology. American health care is notorious for its cost and limited efficiency. Technology and medical staff’s knowledge are two elements that will address the deficiencies in the system. Nurses should be at the forefront of the process as they are the professionals who have the closest contact with patients and their families. Hence, they can voice these needs and ensure the effective use of available resources to improve the provided services.

Latest technological advances, including but not confined to pharmacology, IT, and equipment, open up diverse opportunities to provide high-quality care. At the same time, nurses should receive the corresponding training to be capable of employing the innovations mentioned above. Moreover, nurses should be life-long learners and keen researchers to identify the gaps in care in their units, departments, and hospitals. These healthcare professionals should have the necessary skills to conduct research, implement change, and advocate for patient needs. All in all, nursing professionals’ social responsibilities include the focus on people’s health, which can be attained by a deeper inclusion of technology and innovations. Nurses’ roles are expanding, which can contribute to the development of the healthcare system, but these healthcare professionals should be ready for the increasing wealth of responsibilities.


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