Healthcare of Disadvantaged Groups

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Regarding immigrants’ healthcare, I have chosen the article by Omenka, Watson, and Hendrie (2020) – “Understanding the healthcare experiences and needs of African immigrants in the United States: A scoping review.” The authors discuss the situation regarding the relatively broad group that makes up around five percent of the total US population – African immigrants. Five major issues regarding the communication between the immigrants and the US health system were identified. These include the lack of culturally-competent providers, the complexity of the US healthcare system, the cost of healthcare, biased provider attitudes, and the lack of trust in the US health system. This is further worsened by some aspects of cultural traits of immigrant groups that are associated with increased religiosity, spirituality, and stigmas regarding health. Two main conclusions regarding nursing can be drawn in that case. Firstly, nurses should put more effort into developing a simple and attractive picture of the US healthcare system. Secondly, the efforts regarding the promotion of cultural competence should be continued.

Regarding the healthcare of marginalized populations, I have chosen the article by Silberholz, Brodie, Spector, and Pattishall (2017) – “Disparities in access to care in marginalized populations.” The authors discussed several marginalized groups, such as refugees, immigrants, sexual minorities, children and adolescents with mental health issues, and others. Numerous challenges for these groups were identified, and several conclusions regarding the nursing profession can be drawn. Firstly, there is a need to perform targeted medical screenings of the mentioned populations as it is impossible for them to effectively access the medical services on their own. Secondly, it can be recommended to focus more on creating a welcoming atmosphere for the representatives of the marginalized groups within healthcare facilities.


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