Healthcare Trends: Virtual Health and Opioid Crisis

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Nowadays science and medicine are developing quickly, and new methods, ideas, and trends appear quite often. They are intended to meet the requirements and needs of the modern world. Remote medical care and solutions for the opioid epidemic in the USA belong to the most important issues. The purpose of this paper is to discuss these trends and the means to deal with the appearing challenges.

Virtual Health

Mobile applications designed for healthcare purposes give both patients and medical staff a wide range of opportunities, from holding online consultations to making appointments and getting general health recommendations (Information Resources Management Association, 2019). However, the trend brings not only benefits but also challenges with it. For hospitals, it might be quite difficult to manage the work of doctors and nurses under changing conditions. According to Huber, “leading and management are essential skills, made more accurately urgent health care system characteristics of rapid change”. So, it is significant to develop new mechanisms of control over modern tools and methods.

Solutions for the Opioid Crisis

As for the opioid crisis, it is possible to note that the major reason for the crisis is the nonmedical use of these drugs (Rosen and Murray, 2017). At hospitals, the implementation of special anti-addiction programs is necessary. According to McIver, “several programs have shown success in fighting addiction”. In my opinion, the wide usage of such programs can eliminate the opioid crisis soon.


To sum up, remote care, virtual health, and opioid crisis solutions are acute problems in the healthcare sector of the USA. They bring great future possibilities as well as new challenges for hospitals, like developing modern systems of control and implementing special programs. I believe that in the future all the acute problems will be solved successfully and the healthcare industry will be developing sustainably.


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