Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory

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Frederick Herzberg developed a theory that identified two main factors: motivational and hygienic. The first has a direct influence on the effectiveness and inspiration of the professional, and the second has an indirect influence because they do not increase motivation, but in their absence, people feel uncomfortable (Sale, 2021). My nursing work’s main motivators include responsibility, work safety, and salary. The first one belongs to the group of motivational factors because it is intrinsic and is caused by my personal attitudes in my work (Sale, 2021). My choice to be a nurse was largely due to the desire to take responsibility for actions toward people, particularly patients. In my work, this motivator helps me to maintain close contact with each hospital visit as well as with my colleagues.

Work safety and salary are hygiene factors; their level determines my satisfaction with the chosen profession. Nursing entails a good salary with the right commitment and a good education. It is important for me to know that the work is sufficiently valued and to feel financially independent and comfortable. Safety is a basic need when working with patients; its absence makes it impossible for me to work in a hospital, as it would cause constant physical and psychological discomfort and health risks.

All three factors have a significant impact on improving professional skills. A satisfactory salary level allows the nurse to avoid seeking additional income sources, give proper attention only to patients, and provide them with more effective care. A safe working environment also contributes to a nurse’s willingness to be more emotionally involved in her work. Moreover, this factor is inextricably linked to safety in the hospital as a whole. Responsibility allows me to make the most rational decisions during patient care.


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