Impact of COVID-19: A Nursing Perspective

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The Covid-19 pandemic has had a tremendously negative effect on public health worldwide. Despite the efforts taken to address the health concern in question, it has been affecting an increasingly large number of people (Choi et al., 2020). In their study, Liu et al. (2020) seek to prove whether there is a link between drinking patterns and susceptibility to the coronavirus. Although the study results have indicated that there is no causation between drinking rates and exposure to the coronavirus, further research is needed due to the low sample size.

Using a meta-analysis technique, the article in question evaluates quantitatively the extent to which people with higher drinking rates are susceptible to contracting Covid-19. The study recruited patients on life support and in intensive care due to respiratory issues were recruited as the target demographic. The sample size of the study varied from 202 to 476 over the course of a year (2019-2020). Overall, the research has indicated that the levels of alcohol consumption were predicated on the financial situation of the patients and changed accordingly, whereas the correlation or causation between the extent of coronavirus development and incised drinking has not been spotted.

The results of the study have shown that no correlation has been found between the rates of drinking and the extent of Covid-19 progression in patients. Therefore, the article has proven that the levels of drinking do not need to be prioritized as the issue to be monitored when addressing a case of Covid-19. Nonetheless, the sample size of the study was quite small and varied extensively over the course of the research, which suggests that some of the outcomes might lack accuracy. Consequently, a more extensive study has been presented by the authors as the means of continuing the exploration of the effects of drinking on the susceptibility to the coronavirus.


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