Importance of Software in Nursing Practice

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The use of Epic Software Systems in the nursing workplace has unconditional advantages and conveniences, but some imperfections should also be highlighted. Application of Workflow Analysis could give a visual representation of the consistent functioning of the system, of its application in practice. This tactic of analysis is based on the sequential application of three main parameters: assessing the flow of work, analyzing the database and receiving feedback from the users of the system. Applying Workflow Analysis to Epic Software, it becomes obvious firstly that the system handles a large amount of information and maintains access to medical records (Bjarnadottir, 2017).

Secondly, this software also copes with the analysis of patient records, intellectually working them out, that is, it can offer an effective treatment strategy on its own. This means a breakthrough in programming and medicine, since this software turns out to be able to make decisions on which human lives depend. But speaking about interaction with users, certain problems are outlined. Epic Software is essentially monopolists in the medical software market, holding from 20% to 40% in it (Ellingsen & Hertzum, 2019). This leads to an overpriced software and reduced availability.

Applying the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to the monitored program, it should be said that with regard to the basic stages of the program life cycle, Epic Software has no significant shortcomings. If I were at the head of changes made from the point of view of the Program Life Cycle, perhaps I would be guided by the so-called waterfall model. In particular, the developers should focus on the deployment and maintenance phase, that is, the final phases of the cycle. There are records indicating that in most nursing facilities this software is not available due to insufficient funding (Hope, 2017). By improving support and integration with other programs, as well as making more affordable starter packs, Epic Software could bring their technological know-how to even more people.


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