Individual Health Insurance for Employees

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Dear Sir,

As I am aware of the GenFac Insurance Corp. need for innovative training and development, I decided to address your need and offer my services in conducting training workshops to develop the skills of new sales associates for individual health insurance at GenFac. In this respect, I would like to inform you that we plan to approach young energetic people who would be able to persuade customers about the benefits of private individual health insurance opportunities. Besides, we plan to enroll senior staff members (in terms of age) so that their opinion which is perceived to be authoritative with a specific category of people was treated adequately.

Immediate learning needs of the staff members include acquiring knowledge and skills on the following aspects:

  • Understand the benefits of the private and governmental individual health insurance opportunities as well as their weak points;
  • Be able to emphasize the strengths of the private individual health insurance opportunities as opposed to governmental ones;
  • Recognize the eligibility status of customers who cannot afford private individual insurance and are eligible for the government insurance program.

The main strategies that should be adopted by staff members of GenFac Insurance Corp include striving to acknowledge people’s needs and trying to meet their needs using offering the most appropriate insurance opportunities; this means that employees should be perfectly aware of the benefits and disadvantages of using individual insurance opportunities and be able to adequately inform customers about the most appropriate solutions.

For instance, it is possible to review the list of materials mentioned below. Moreover, employees should act by laws and not try to persuade customers about insurance opportunities that do not apply to the customer’s situation. I believe that I can address employees’ skills and channel them in the right direction and make them better performing in terms of devotion to job and ability and desire to improve skills and performance by acquiring new information about the situation in the individual health insurance market.

My credibility can be established with the help of sharing my experience and telling about my success in the market of training and development for insurance companies. Moreover, it is possible to show the staff members how to persuade customers about the benefits of different types of insurance in practice. I believe that giving examples is the most effective way of showing the appropriateness and effectiveness of doing something.

Anticipated audience feedback concerns skepticism about the need for training and outcomes of training initiatives. So, to address this reaction adequately, it is necessary to enumerate the number of personal benefits for each staff member who will be able to explain to customers the benefits of different insurance options without lacking confidence in information and way of its presentation. Thus, the workshop will be aimed at showing how an effective presentation of the information may lead to an increase in effective performance.

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