Interprofessional Collaborative Practice: Aspects

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Personal Objectives

The purpose of this clinical practice was to explore the major aspects associated with Interprofessional Collaborative Practice. The targeted objectives during the clinical practicum are presented below.

  • To take care of my patients in a timely manner.
  • To document every assessment and give medication at the right time.
  • To stay on track.
  • To identify and develop the most appropriate leadership attributes in nursing.

Achieving my Personal Objectives

Since it was my second day, I was able to take good care of my patients. I also gave the right medicines in a timely manner. I also tracked the health position of every patient. These aspects indicate clearly that all my objectives were met. The experience also gave me an opportunity to embrace the importance of continuity of care. The clinical experience equipped me with powerful skills that can support my long-term career objectives. However, I will undertake more clinical practices in the future in order to widen my competencies in nursing.

Nursing Process and Clinical Decision-Making

I also helped other caregivers with their duties. For instance, I managed to ambulate a patient whose mitral valve had been replaced. I walked around the hall with the patient. I also assisted and took him to the bathroom. During the time, the patient was getting shortness of breath. His pulse was bounding. He was also unable to speak coherently. I instructed the patient’s wife to call for help. Several members of staff were also called to help the patient. The outstanding fact is that I did not panic throughout the period. I examined the situation calmly and acted in a professional manner.

The concept of Interprofessional Collaborative Practice was used during this clinical encounter. I used the concept to make meaningful appropriate decisions. It was the right time to inform more people about the health situation. I remained calm and monitored the patient’s signs. At some point, the patient’s eyes rolled to the left while his body turned blue. I informed the right professionals in order to support the patient. This nursing experience assisted me to gain confidence in my practice. I also made appropriate choices in an attempt to support the health needs of the patient. I will always use these decision-making skills to support the needs of my patients.

Leadership and Management

The Charge Nurse (CN) portrayed the best leadership concepts that can support the needs of every practitioner. The experience made it easier for me to understand the power of teamwork, collaboration, and effective communication. The CN always encouraged every nurse in the unit to embrace these values. This leadership approach promoted by the CN made it easier for the nurses to act ethically. They were also ready to interact with one another. Every person in the unit was empowered and ready to promote the best healthcare delivery processes. The patients and their family members were involved throughout the treatment process. The leadership attributes displayed in the unit were critical towards delivering quality outcomes. The management role made it possible for more patients to receive exemplary care. The leader became my role model. Teamwork and collaboration are meaningful leadership aspects that can transform the nature of nursing. I will therefore embrace these concepts whenever providing quality care to my patients. The strategy will make it easier for me to achieve all my career objectives.