Leadership Skills Development in Nurse Managers

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Leadership skills should be considered among the crucial elements of any joint human activities. For me – as a nurse that aims to become a proficient nurse-manager – these skills are vital. There have been plenty of cases when I had to do my best as a leader in the framework of my place of employment in order to achieve success – both within the inter-professional and intra-professional scopes. Moreover, it seems important to note that my DNP project also implies the sufficient application of the mentioned skills. Below, my leadership abilities and traits with both intra-professional and inter-professional teams to support changes in nursing and healthcare will be discussed. Moreover, my plan for professional identity role development to attain these skills will be provided.

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As a leader of my nurses-colleagues – thus, within the intra-professional scope – my critical skills for constant positive changes in nursing and healthcare might be as follows. I always come to work a little bit earlier than my co-employees to assess the amount of work that is to be done. Then, I provide us with the preliminary schedule for a day if any amendments are needed. This contributes to coherent teamwork, as well as helps to be ready for upcoming difficulties. Then, I pay attention to all the opinions expressed by my nurses-colleagues and try to implement them in practice – if they are rational – to create an appropriate healthy working environment.

At the interprofessional level, I usually apply the following leadership skills. When it comes to cooperation with physicians, I always try to encourage them to involve all my team members in the working process. It gives all of us the feeling of unity and support, which is essential for the provision of high-quality healthcare. I also always in touch with our top management so that all of their recommendations and decisions could be delivered in a clear and transparent manner.

It seems reasonable to suggest that my above traits as a leader refer to transformational leadership, and they will be considered useful for my DNP project. I will listen to every participant so that the progress could be monitored appropriately. If any changes – due to the absence and insignificancy of this progress – will be needed, I will make changes taking into account the thoughts of those taking part.

However, I admit that there is still a long way to become a proficient and efficient transformational leader. I am to develop my crucial skills in this regard that might be as follows. I should set clear goals, have high expectations, encourage others, provide support and recognition, stir people’s emotions, and inspire my colleagues (Morales, 2020). These skills might be attained by attending a number of related courses, and they will be enhanced and established during the practice. The latter will be my DNP project, which may be perceived as a good opportunity for such an undertaking.

To summarize, in my practice, I tend to adhere to the principles of transformational leadership. It is visible from the presented skills that I apply at inter-professional and intra-professional levels. My personal plan for development in this regard includes the attendance of courses and acquaintance with reliable literature. This theoretical background will serve me as a foundation for my role in the program. Generally, it is apparent that my advanced leadership traits will result in the prominent project’s outcomes.


Morales, M. (2020). Characteristics and examples of transformational leadership in nursing. Relias. Web.

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