Madeleine Leininger Culture Care Theory

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Culture care theory is a theory proposed by sociocultural anthropologist and nurse Madeleine Leininger. The CCT’s purpose is based on helping clinicians and researchers to explain, document, discover, and know the relationship between cultural phenomena and care when admitting peculiarities and similarities of different cultures (McFarland, 2018). This theory was developed to help nursing researchers discover new expressions, patterns, practices, and meanings related to cultural nursing that have affected the health and welfare of cultural groups. Both resemblance and differences can be discovered as culturally specific modalities throughout the research phase to provide culturally consistent care in relation to the ultimate goal of health (McFarland, 2018). The theory is highly related to the Primary Care Nurse Practitioner practice and patient care for several reasons.

First, nurses and care providers use this theory to explain the implications of care and to translate values of cultural care, beliefs, and lifestyles into accurate, culturally specific behaviors and care decisions with clients. It can be used as a reliable foundation that identifies universal or general care features. Assessing different nursing beliefs and values proposed by cultures and implementing them with professional nursing practices is essential for culturally congruent treatment and care (McFarland, 2018). Second, using Madeleine Leininger’s culture care theory guides nursing practice, prepares nurses who are culturally competent and contributes to the formation of culturally tolerant leadership procedures and policies. Moreover, it emphasizes the role of cultural diversity in public policies. Cultural literacy is important for providing quality care and improving patient outcomes, as nurse practitioners find a diverse population in primary care. Hence, implementation of the CCT is crucial for maintaining high-quality health care for the diverse population.


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