Male Circumcision: Controversial Topic

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Male circumcision (MC) is a controversial topic, which evokes many arguments for and against it. I believe that the procedure’s benefits outweigh its risks. First, according to Morris et al. (2019), most of the arguments against MC are not evidence-supported and contradict research findings. For instance, opposing arguments claiming that MC carries high risks go against the adverse event of low frequency that can be easily treated (Morris et al., 2019). The psychological harm of male circumcision is not supported by any research findings. In addition, MC is proven with high-quality evidence to be effective in preventing a wide range of infections and dermatological issues.

Moreover, MC is a cost-effective, one-time, safe, HIV preventive medical intervention with low potential risks. The procedure reduces the risks of getting HIV infection among heterosexual men by 60% (Pintye & Baeten, 2019). Other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) diseases such as syphilis, genital ulcer disease, human papillomavirus, and herpes simplex virus type 2 can be prevented via MC. It is beneficial for female partners as well since they also have reduced STIs when having a sexual partner of a circumcised male.

MC also contributes to the prevention of penile cancer, which is a sophisticated, rare disease with multiple factors causing it. One of the possible preventive measures against penile cancer is circumcision. The reason is increased penile hygiene, and reduced risks of HIV, HPV, and chronic inflammatory conditions. Moreover, MC removes almost half of the skin that can potentially develop penile cancer (Fahmy, 2019). All these factors contribute to the reduced risk of cancer and promote healthier physical conditions. Hence, the benefits of the male, especially neonatal, circumcision are evidence-based and more convincing than the risks, and I would consider having my son circumcised.


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