Nursing Home and Subacute Care

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The idea of the changes in the terminology of nursing homes to nursing facilities does not seem to be quite rationalized. Nursing homes are private institutions that provide health care and residential accommodations, mostly for elderly people (Chisholm, 2018). At the same time, nursing facilities provide disabled or sick people with skilled nursing services. Moreover, the historical perspective of the nursing home hurts the stigma related to the quality of care since there are numerous stories about caregivers being not qualified and dedicated.

Nursing homes were created during the industrial revolution and provided care for poor and widowed elderly women. Over the years, nursing homes revolutionized and started taking care of all aged people. There were no severe consequences of the change in terminology, but some persons do not see the difference between these facilities. The change in terminology is likely to impact the quality of care in the future as the requirements are more serious, and caregivers understand that they are expected to work harder and be more dedicated. To keep up with the ever-changing needs of the demographics of seniors, nursing homes need to change the way of protecting aged people from negligence and rudeness of the staff.

Subacute united are facilities providing services less intensive than acute care and more intensive than in skilled nursing facilities that emerged due to the unique needs of people. As related to issues in levels of patients’ acuity, subacute care may provide the necessary care in most cases but cannot help if the situations are rather serious. Subacute care reduces the cost and increases the quality of care. It needs to be an integral component of hospitals to become easily available for all people and affect the performance of medical facilities.


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