Nursing Informatics Course Description

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Technology has become an integral part of today’s life and every field is bound to utilize technology in one way or the other. Nursing informatics is a branch of science that entails the integration of nursing with information and communication technology in the provision of efficient care (Murphy, 2010). The focus of this course is the use of computer applications software for recording, internet research, data analysis, and reporting. Basic computer application packages that are defined by Microsoft office are taught using both theoretical and hands-on approaches.

This course is meant to integrate the use of information in the current computer age in the nursing curriculum to develop nursing professionals with high computer skills to aid inefficient health care delivery (Perry & King, 2009). To aid in the achievement of this goal, the following objectives outlined below will guide the attainment of this goal. By the end of the course, students should be able to:

  1. Understand and gain skills necessary to operate Microsoft office
  2. Integrate M/S Office in the nursing practice
  3. Learn about internet searches and how to utilize the internet in searching for up-to-date scientific information
  4. Learn how to communicate with each other while in the hospital setting
  5. Learn the importance of health information systems within the clinical practice
  6. Utilize software in the sharing patient information among healthcare workers
  7. Understand the role of each health care practitioner in promoting the use of informatics within the clinical practice


Assessment of available informatics tools (these include documentation systems, bar code medication systems, electronic health records)

The nursing profession requires accuracy, precision, and maintenance of each patient’s medical information. In the instance of immunization and vaccination, there is a need to record each minor detail about the vaccine given, and this information is vital because it is used in future assessment in the case of children.

Prepare a report using m/s word, m/s excel, and m/s access

The clinical practice entails the documentation of patient details, and healthcare professionals need to have the skills of preparing patient reports in any format. This task, therefore, will enable the healthcare professionals to gain the relevant skills required to document important information for ease in use by the various healthcare professionals.

Prepare a two-page research paper and submit it online

The medical world is always changing and evolving with the changing times and as new evidence keep on emerging. Therefore, healthcare professionals require the skills necessary to carry out comprehensive and valid searches for information applicable to their practice.

Use m/s PowerPoint to prepare presentations

Presentations are imperative in clinical practice since it requires frequent training. As a nurse, physician, or any other healthcare worker, there is a need to know how to prepare presentations because of education colleagues and those at low levels, for example, students or colleagues from other departments other than one’s department.

Integration of software in nursing care plans

Innovation is a very imperative asset for a medical health practitioner. This being the case, healthcare professionals must be given challenging tasks where they can use prevailing software, for example, word or PowerPoint to create nursing care models that can be used for reference.

Take part in web-based discussions, email exchanges, and video conferences

A web-based discussion is a mode of communication that is inbuilt to serve a particular audience. In the same way, the clinical setting utilizes video conferencing rooms with chats where the staff can take part in activities on the ground but cannot make physical appearances.


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