Nursing Students in the Clinical Learning Environment

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Why did You Select the Article?

The article named “The Challenges of Nursing Students in the Clinical Learning Environment: A Qualitative Study” was selected. Learning in the clinical environment can be difficult, unpredictable, and unstable for students (Baraz, Memarian, & Vanaki, 2015). Therefore, this article was chosen because it contains information on challenges that are encountered by nursing students in general and in Iran in particular in the clinical learning environment (Jamshidi, Molazem, Torabizadeh, & Kalyani, 2016). As far as I am also a student, it will be interesting for me to compare the opinion of the authors with my own experience. In addition, I would like to know the differences between the challenges faced by nursing students in the USA and other countries.

How Did You Find the Article and Which Sections Were Read?

The article was written by scholars N. Jamshidi, Z. Molazem, F. Sharif, C. Torabizadeh, and M. Kalyani, and published in The Scientific World Journal in 2016. The article was retrieved from a full-text electronic database of the journal and was found using an online search. All the sections of the article, including the introduction, information on materials and methods that were used, the results of the study, and discussion, were read.

Which Sections Contained Unfamiliar Information?

Some information presented in the article under the section “the results” was unfamiliar and even surprising to me. In general, organizational shortcomings and issues related to clinical instructors are often met by students in the clinical learning environment (Rafiee, Moattari, Nikbakht, Kojuri, & Mousavinasab, 2014). However, according to the research, some students experience other difficulties. For instance, they do not have sufficient knowledge about medication, and, as a result, do not know how to provide care to patients. Also, the authors concluded that the problems of ineffective communication, emotional reactions, and inadequate preparation are equally important (Jamshidi et al., 2016). Therefore, nursing students face challenges in the clinical environment that are possible to overcome through hard work and constant studying.


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