Personal Statement: Analysis of Personal Traits

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All people have characteristics that make them unique. As I want to apply to the Trinity Washington University School of Nursing program, I understood that it is an appropriate time to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses for my development both as a person and a professional. First of all, I should say that I am highly persistent and goal-oriented as I am planning to become one of the top health care professionals despite 25-year hiatus. I was forced to quit school due to unsurmountable problems in the past, however, I am full of determination to complete the program and provide high-quality health care delivery to patients.

I believe that my ambitiousness and professional skills will help me in studying and nursing practice in the future. In addition, I had been working as a Master Aesthetic instructor for over 13 years, and I consider this working experience as substantial. I was responsible for teaching and students’ supervision, and I would like to mention a remarkable situation that helped me to realize my professional calling. During the supervision of a practical session, I noticed an abnormal mark on one student’s skin. I informed him, and the student visited a doctor to know that this mark was life-threatening. After this incident, I understood that I should use an opportunity to learn how to help people at a professional level.

In addition, I consider my ability to communicate effectively with different people and listen attentively as my strengths. Moreover, I always focus on the process, set goals, and achieve them whatever it takes. At the same time, I know that I have a lack of self-confidence and would like to be more persistent. I believe that I will improve my self-assuredness through the academic process. What makes me unique and sets me apart is my passion for nursing, my enthusiasm concerning my education and professional practice in the future.