Principles of Empowerment in Nursing

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In the scope of nursing, empowerment may be one of the essential tools for the productive work of employees and the success of a health organization. There are many ways to empower the staff, implement assessment systems, and encourage employees with bonuses. For instance, money can be a reason for employee’s motivation. Moreover, it is essential to provide staff with high-quality equipment and tools for a comfortable work process.

In addition, one of the possible empowerment strategies can be performance appraisals (Idowu, 2017) which include setting clear responsibilities and constant communication within the hierarchy. It becomes a vital implementation for new staff as they require extra support and help. It is crucial to be an attentive mentor who does not oppress for wrong choices but helps and guides the employee concerning decision-making. The staff might need equal treatment to feel free to make their decisions confidently. Another method of empowerment can be providence with feedback because a new worker needs to see what can be improved.

Patient Care Delivery Models

Patient care delivery methods vary from first aid to full care. Nowadays, medical organizations use complex care methods such as functional nursing, total patient care, nursing, and primary care as care delivery models (Smith et al., 2017). One of the used methods within my clinical setting is the primary care method, which involves a single nurse providing care for a patient for the whole staying in the hospital. In this case, the nurse takes responsibility for providing support, procedures, and treatment for a single patient. In comparison with team nursing, primary care may be more complicated in terms of patient treatment, as a single nurse can face obstacles during the patient’s hospital tenure.

The main difference is that the group of medicals may ensure more attentive and detailed therapy. In general, primary care is an effective cure method because one patient under a single nurse’s provision might be understood better, as the nurse conducts therapy from start to finish. One thing that can cause inefficiency of the treatment is that the only nurse can omit some crucial issues in the patient’s disease history; in other cases, primary care remains a valid method used in the unit.


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