Professional Commitment of Nurse

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For a nurse, professional commitment means a desire and an intention to stay in a nursing profession for the purpose of providing effective care and services to patients. As a complex phenomenon, professional commitment is associated with a nurse’s understanding and acceptance of their professional roles, duties, and responsibilities, as well as their dedication to nursing (Huston, 2019). In their practice, nurses need to understand the nature of their professional field that requires much enthusiasm, loyalty, and commitment because a nursing profession is demanding (García-Moyano et al., 2019; Huston, 2019). Young nurses can face problems when trying to adapt to schedules, responsibilities, working environments, and stressful situations.

An example of professional commitment for me is the decision to stay in a profession and develop as a nurse who is expected to serve patients’ needs in spite of all observed barriers, challenges, and difficulties. The profession of a nurse is rather challenging because of its specific aspects, and nurses need to be dedicated to their roles in order to perform effectively. If a nurse works on their time management and continue to provide high-quality services in spite of experienced fatigue or dissatisfaction, it is possible to speak about professional commitment. Those nurses, who are committed to their profession, understand that the interests and well-being of patients are their priority, and the sense of responsibility plays a key role in this situation. In order to perform everyday duties effectively, it is necessary to love this profession and follow the mission of a nurse in a healthcare setting (García-Moyano et al., 2019). In this case, it is possible to develop feelings of commitment and enthusiasm when working as a nurse.


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