Professional Nurse Associations’ Websites for Las Vegas

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American Nurses Association (ANA)

  • Website:
  • Role: The American Nurses Association (ANA) represents the interests of 3.1 million certified nurses in the United States through various professional partners such as the Nevada Nurses Association and other organizational partners. In addition, ANA improves the quality of nursing practice, protects the rights of nurses at the place of work, and lobbies the national government on healthcare policies concerning the public and nurses.
  • ANA’s role in policies and politics: The organization has a number of experts who formulate and analyze its policies before they are implemented. In addition, the organization involves the public and its staff members in policy formulation through the position statements, which are accessible to all for commenting. Moreover, ANA is actively involved in federal and state government affairs by releasing position statements on the government’s healthcare policies and politics.

American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN)

  • Website:
  • Role: The organization represents the interests of half a million nurses involved in giving care to seriously and intensely sick patients in the United States and in Nevada through the St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center. This involves providing the nurses with the necessary education and resources for delivering safe and quality care to patients.
  • AACN’s role in policies and politics: AACN has a concrete advocacy initiative critical in ensuring that patients are treated in a healthy milieu, in providing painkilling care and end-of-life care to patients. Moreover, through this initiative, AACN addresses issues concerning staffing and labor force development. AACN also collaborates with other organizations concerned with prioritizing the delivery of quality and safe services to all patients. Finally, the organization has a Legislative Action Center (LAC), which offers useful information on matters affecting nurses and their profession, patients, and their families.

Association for Vascular Access (AVA)

  • Website:
  • Role: The organization strives to promote patient safety, relief, and treatment results. Besides, AVA certifies the nursing professionals qualified to deliver Vascular Access services and formulate public policies that fit the interests of many people. Moreover, AVA promotes nurses’ continuous education, research, and best practices in the field of Vascular Access.
  • AVA’s role in policies and politics: Through releasing and updating position papers concerning critical issues affecting the nurses and the public, the organization achieves its advocacy role in ensuring that the policies formulated to fit the interests of its workforce and the public in general. The organization also provides education and guidelines to nurses and patients on matters concerning the best practices in Vascular Access.