Role of a Nurse Manager in Maintaining the Accreditation Status

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Working as a nurse manager, it is possible to act as a change agent to maintain the accreditation status of a particular clinic. The use of control methods and those leadership standards that exist today contributes to increased monitoring over the productivity of subordinates and, as a consequence, the quality of care services provided. According to Smith, Morin, and Lake, the effectiveness of nursing managers’ activities in addressing the issues of performance control depends largely on leaders’ ability to cope with the workload since this task is rather difficult. As ahead of an individual department, a person in charge is to resort to various protocols and procedures related to monitoring the productivity indicators of subordinates and their willingness to implement the goals set. Assessing such factors as diligence, responsibility, motivation and other significant aspects of professional activity may give an opportunity to take appropriate measures in order to stimulate employees’ desire to provide optimal conditions for nursing care. This mode of operation will allow maintaining a consistently high status gained from an accreditation organization.

With reference to my practice as a head nurse in the cardiac department, I could encourage my colleagues to fulfill their responsibilities in accordance with the plan outlined during the accreditation assessment. To realize all the goals set, I would promote additional education in order to increase the subordinates’ qualification level. Hvalič-Touzery et al. emphasise that the role of a head nurse in many respects provides for stimulating learning activities among employees since such an approach allows improving professionalism and, at the same time, working in accordance with the modern standards of nursing practice. The position of a change agent implies stimulating the transition to the new principles of activity to increase the effectiveness of care and, consequently, patient outcomes. As Smith et al. remark, accredited clinics should promote effective retention strategies to foster employees’ high productivity. Therefore, as a head nurse, I would strive to improve contact with colleagues constantly to be aware of their problems and strengths.