Roles of a Nurse in Hospital Environment

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A clear understanding of the roles that a nurse plays in the hospital environment allows making the performance as effective as possible. The communicative aspect of a nurse’s role is particularly important since it helps to obtain crucial information about a patient’s well-being faster (Norouzinia, Aghabarari, Shiri, Karimi, & Samami, 2016; Yoo, Lim, & Shim, 2020). In their article, Fakhr-Movahedi, Rahnavard, Salsali, and Negarandeh (2016) study the role that the patient-nurse dialogue plays in establishing the relationships between a nurse and an individual in a healthcare context.

Conducted in a referral hospital in Tehran (Iran), the research in question implied analyzing qualitative data that allowed pointing out the role of a nurse in communication with patients. Represented by 23 nurses form a Tehran hospital, the sample contained interviews with the specified nurses concerning their workplace responsibilities, specifically, regarding information management and communication with patients. In addition to semi-structured interviews, observations were used to increase the variety and objectivity of data.

The research returned the results that indicate high significance of nurses’ role in communication with patients. Namely, the study led to the identification of two critical conceptual categories, the one of patients’ needs identification and the one of nurses’ communicative behaviors. The first category was linked to concepts such as the type of the problem faced by the patient, patient’s inquiry, and health status monitoring. In turn, the category of communicative behaviors was tied to the ones of caring attention, patient education, promotion of calmness, and the development of trust in relationships with the patient. Thus, the results have proven that the role of a nurse in nurse-patient communication is related to the specific needs of a patient. Therefore, the study concluded that the dialogue between a nurse and a patient should be encouraged and enhanced.


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