Schizophrenic Disorder & Chlorpromazine Treatment

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Schizoaffective Disorder

Schizophrenic disorder is characterized by an abnormal interpretation of reality. It is accompanied by hallucinations, disordered thinking, and delusions. Among other symptoms, there can be strong inappropriate emotions and loss of interest in life. This kind of disorder usually demands a lifelong treatment, which includes taking medicine, in the given case – Chlorpromazine.

There is no need to feel guilty because of the fact that you have quit attending church. This disorder cannot be caused by this reason. It is often related to genetic or biochemical factors, as well as alcohol and drug usage. Problematic relationships with the family can also be the reason for schizoaffective disorder.


Chlorpromazine should be taken two to four times a day by mouth at the same time. The exact dose should be discussed with your treating psychiatrist or pharmacist. You should not stop taking medicine without informing your doctor about this decision. Before taking Chlorpromazine, you should make sure that you are not allergic to it and other phenothiazines. They include, for example, trifluoperazine, promethazine (Phenergan), fluphenazine, and prochlorperazine (Compazine) (U.S. National Library of Medicine, n.d.). Besides, you should tell your doctor about the medications and nutritional supplements that you have been taking.

Side Effects

A number of side effects may occur during the usage of Chlorpromazine. They can include drowsiness, confusion, headaches, listlessness, and nausea. Besides, problems with vision, hearing, and balance can occur. Tell your doctor if you are planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding. If you plan surgery or a myelogram, you should also discuss it with the doctor. In order to avoid dizziness, it is advised to go out of bed slowly. Besides, Chlorpromazine makes it harder to cool down in hot weather, so use sunglasses and sunscreen and avoid long and intensive exposure to the sun.

Administration Schedule

It is important that you take Chlorpromazine on a regular schedule. If you forget to take a dose, you should take it as soon as possible. However, if the time for the following dose is soon, it is better to skip it. It is strongly recommended to avoid taking a double dose. The symptoms of an overdose include fever, seizures, agitation, restlessness, irregular heartbeat, dry mouth, and others. In case of an overdose, you should call the poison control helpline or emergency services at 911.

Other Information

You should also be aware of other information that can be important for you. Do not let other people take your medication without a prescription. Inform the doctor about the medicines and other supplements you take. Store Chlorpromazine in a dry, cool place, and do not take it after the best before date. If you are going to take a test in a laboratory, inform the person that you are taking Chlorpromazine. You should also be aware that Chlorpromazine may interfere with pregnancy tests. In addition, you should keep regular appointments with your doctor.


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