System-Based Practice and Leadership in Nursing

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The main principle of system-based practice is to show awareness and responsiveness to a broad context of the healthcare system and use resources effectively to provide high-quality care for the patients. In healthcare, leaders frequently use system-based practice to empower other nurses. This essay will explain how I will use my experience of being a licensed practical nurse and system-based practice to grow as a leader in nursing.

As the main points of system-based practice include showing awareness and responsiveness, the system-based practice is often associated with the nursing staff. As nurses’ main goal is to ensure the patients’ safety and provide care, the concept of systems-based practice is highly applicable to nursing work and activities. The second part of the term addresses the ability to use the resources effectively to provide care for the patients, which connects to the nurse’s level of knowledge, ability to manage risks, and problem-solving skills. Previously, leadership in nursing was influenced by concepts like charisma, enthusiasm, and engagement (Henriksen, 2020). Nowadays, an idea was determined that the leaders could elevate the team members more by being passive purveyors rather than active organizational agents (Henriksen, 2020). Although the use of the system-based practice in leadership is more passive than the standard concept of leadership, the practice is more effective in elevating and empowering other members.

I think that I already possess half of the skills required to use the system-based practice in leadership from my working experience. I previously worked as an LPN at a rehabilitation and health care facility for residents, short-term and long-term patients, and caregivers. With more time and experience, my knowledge, problem-solving skills, and ability to manage risks would improve. In the end, I would be able to use the system-based practice in my leadership to empower and elevate other nurses.


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