“The ABCDEs of Nursing” Article by Dabkowski

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The nursing profession is both exciting and challenging, which is why it is crucial for students to be fully aware of the difficulties that they will inevitably face when starting to practice nursing. An article by Dabkowski (2022) outlines that one must be confident and resilient when performing nursing tasks. Outlining that the specified task is both a part of the ethical requirement and a nursing responsibility, Dabkowski (2022) urges the reader to focus on patient advocacy.

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The significance of breathing properly as the main mechanism of controlling stress levels is another essential point. Dabkowski (2022) explains that proper breathing helps manage an increasing number of responsibilities and avoid burnout. Similarly, the role of communication as a tool for ensuring patient safety and prevention of medical errors in the management of key nursing tasks Is addressed. Apart from effective communication with other nurses, a nursing expert must maintain proper communication with patients to keep track of the essential changes in their health status.

The importance of documenting key changes is also mentioned directly. According to the author, documentation allows for keeping all nurses updated, thus, preventing misunderstandings from taking place. Additionally, documentation is mentioned as a legal concern that needs to be addressed respectively. Finally, Dabkowski (2022) concludes that education as the promotion of awareness and health literacy among patients must remain one of the core responsibilities of a nurse, especially during a health crisis. Thus, the needs of vulnerable communities, as well as patients in general, will be addressed.


Dabkowski, M. A. (2022). The ABCDEs of nursing: Essentials for new nurses to know. Nursing2020, 46(2), 51-53. Web.