The Importance of Critical Thinking for Nurse: Review

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The importance of critical thinking for nursing students and registered nurses is a vital constituent, which defines the efficiency, quality, and satisfaction of work, studies, and professional community. Jean LaBauve is a video that explains why critical thinking is essential for nurses, and why students should develop this skill (2014). She states that the ability to think critically is a highly concerning issue for healthcare institutions, as they tend to back their personnel and prospective employees with the most convenient and productive environment to produce quality outcomes and evidence-based practices (LaBauve, 2014). Therefore, the study on nursing critical thinking and its determinants should reveal how students and nurses may expand their analytical skills and competencies to deliver quality, efficiency, and outstanding performance.

Janine Roth Blakeslee investigates how nursing students may expand their critical thinking through the simulations (2019). Her research on high-fidelity simulation effects indicates that the frequent modulation of real-life situations and case studies contributes not only to practical and theoretical knowledge development but also to competencies and skills growth. Blakeslee suggests that during simulation, students improve their critical thinking, as they should combine personal experience, learned methodology, and evidence-based practices to accomplish the task (Blakeslee, 2019). In this case, critical thinking is strengthening and developing due to the importance of correct decisions and detailed analysis.

The Nursing Journal also highlights the value of critical thinking among nurses. In the article provided by the contributors, critical thinking is named as a vital component of nursing competencies, without which the professional cannot conduct his or her duties, care for patients, and expand the nursing field with qualified outcomes and practices (Staff Writers, 2019). In this instance, the journal suggests that the ability to think critically is not a privilege or talent but a must-have trait for the contemporary nurses and those who admire to become them.


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