The Nurse Practice Acts: Key Elements

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Standards and laws ensure order and the provision of high-quality care in the healthcare system. Laws and regulatory acts help nurses to remain accountable and make sure they deliver care properly in the best interest of the patient. Licensure and certification are part of these regulations that create the necessary regulatory basis for practitioners. The major advantage of these certifications and licensure is that a practitioner receives a document with the central credentials that in a way describe specific tasks that can be completed in a particular setting. Hospitals also benefit from these standards as the administration understands the qualification of each professional. However, a serious disadvantage related to certification and licensure is associated with the scope of nursing practice. In some cases, nurses have to make quick choices and complete tasks that are beyond the scope of their practice, which can lead to legal actions.

One of the important elements of nurse practice acts (NPAs) is the scope and standards of nursing practice. This element is essential as it enables nurses to stay within the scope of their practice and complete all the tasks needed to ensure the safe delivery of care (Russell, 2012). Nurses should understand their responsibilities clearly to avoid miscommunication and various conflicts with other staff members and patients. Another component of NPAs is a set of educational program standards, which is vital for the development of an effective healthcare system. It is critical to ensure that each practitioner has a specific set of skills and experience that is necessary to provide healthcare services in a particular clinical setting. Educational standards enable healthcare facilities to choose from a pool of graduates and enhance their medical staff. Importantly, the NPAs describe the standards of formal education as well as certification and other types of training, which helps practitioners to grow professionally.


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