The Quality of Nursing Care: The Patient Safety

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According to the article titled “Nurses at the Sharp End of Patient Care,” emphasis is put on the link present among factors such as the working environment of nurses, quality and safety of patient care. Nurses are tasked with taking care of the varying needs of patients and giving care to them. This requires that they employ their skills and knowledge in administering the same (Hughes, 2008). It is sheer knowledge therefore that a vast section of care for patients heavily relies on what the nurses do. According to the article, nurses normally take the blame if at all care that has been given to patients is seen to be insufficient. This however is a wrong assumption to make as such a shortcoming is a greater combination of so many other forces such as multifaceted healthcare systems as well as the working environment elements. A move to appreciating the enormity of the intricate health care systems and working environments and resolving to enhance its effects is great towards the overall improvement of healthcare. In fact, note that high reliability organizations that have known cultures of safety offer their nurses proper working conditions that lead to better care for the patients and safety.

According to the article, “Defining Patient Safety and Quality Care,” patient safety and quality health care are linked (Hughes, 2008). The article gives definitions of quality health care and patient safety however mentioning that patient safety heavily relies on quality care. The main argument is that nurses stand at a pivotal role of ensuring that patient safety is achieved hence serving as a cornerstone to quality care.

Note that the information from the articles is highly relevant in this practice. It focuses on the importance of nurses in offering care to patients and safety too. What is significant according is that nurses are extremely significant in the betterment of health care and raising quality levels.


Hughes, R. J. (Ed.). (2008). Patient Safety and Quality: An Evidence-Based Handbook for Nurses. RockVille (MD): Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.