The Spread of HIV and the Dangers of AIDS

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Researching the spread of HIV and the dangers of AIDS as the final stage of this disease is an extremely essential task in terms of ensuring public safety and helping at-risk categories. As an object of the study, the theme of HIV/AIDS among African-American women will be addressed as a crucial social aspect and a healthcare issue. Such sub-topics will be covered as the statistical indicators of the virus spread, the causes of infection, current findings in this area, prevention methods, and further steps to resolve the issue. Based on the information received from CDC National Prevention Information Network, patients’ interaction with their family members has been studied.

It can be concluded that the illness is fraught with additional difficulties and is the result of “sexual, physical, or emotional abuse” (CDC National Prevention Information Network). As a justification base that is required for conducting credible research, relevant statistical reports may be required, scholarly academic works, as well as medical guidelines. The thesis of the study is the statement that African-American women as a social class are at risk of becoming infected with HIV, and if they ignore prevention, medical intervention may be ineffective and useless.

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