The US Healthcare System: Improvement Ideas

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The health care system is crucial for every country’s proper functioning and development. However, the United States of America’s health care is not perfect and has much space for improvement. One of the factors that affected it in recent years is the COVID-19 pandemic. It has discovered the key moments the government needs to notice. One of the main things that coronavirus emphasizes is the significance of health improvement. According to Harrison (2021), “six in ten Americans live with at least one chronic disease, 1,7 million of them die every year” (para 5). This fact emphasizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle, mainly because cases of chronic diseases combined with COVID-19 are more likely to become lethal. The pandemic highlighted the race issue in health care. Twenty-five percent of hospitalized patients were African Americans, while less than eight percent were White people (Harrison, 2021, para 10). Every person deserves to be treated the same without prejudice. The disparities should be analyzed, and interventions need to be made.

One of the most significant issues of health care is that people need to come to the hospital to ask for help. In 2020 almost half of the primary medical care was provided using telehealth, while in 2019, it was only one percent (Harrison, 2021, para 15). Technologies are always in progress, and health care should not lag. Telehealth use can improve the way people receive help from specialists. Another idea to develop American health care is to use artificial intelligence more. It is clear that “by automating laborious tasks, artificial intelligence can allow doctors to spend more time on the parts of their job where they bring the greatest value” (Butters et al., 2019, para 9). That improvement can impact the health care quality and change the medical field for good.


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